How To Fix Audio Renderer Error Youtube

If the user gets the audio renderer error youtube error. Then please reboot your PC message while playing the video on youtube in your current browser, then we might have the quick fix for you. Nowadays it seems like most of the users are reporting this type of error and it is not particular to a certain browser or some windows current version. 

Most of them this error occurred due to an update, a BIOS error, or a post modifying the audio device driver. If you are also facing the same issue then yes you are at the right place. We are here to resolve your issues with some handy fixes. This type of error is usually triggered by the corrupted drivers and faulty connections. In this article, we will help you with how to fix this error.

Try these fixes given below:

1. Make sure to use driver fix

2. Always disconnect and reconnect the audio driver

3. Always run the audio troubleshooter

4. Update/Reset/Rollback the audio device driver

5. Particular fix for ASIO driver

1. Make sure to use driverfix

Issues such as audio renderer error youtube might have occurred due to an outdated device driver or faulty device driver. The easiest way to upgrade your audio drivers is to make use of a tool instead of doing it by manual method.


Driverfix is very helpful software that acts as a computer scanner. It checks your computer for the device drivers and then finds if they are broken, outdated, or missing altogether. Although, this tool will also provide you the current compatible device driver for your specific hardware component, directly from the manufacturer. Then after the user launches the driver fix, it will help you to trigger a system scan, and then the user has to select which device drivers to fix or update.

2. Always disconnect and reconnect the audio driver

It sounds very simple disconnecting and reconnecting your device. Whatever it may be the user can resolve this issue in the very short term. If sometimes you are using the USB or a pair of wired headphones and then plug on them and plugin them back when the user notices an audio renderer error youtube issue. After that please reboot your PC’s message. 

disconnect wired headphones

This fix is confirmed by most of the users, but remember that it is a temporary fix. This method also applies to rebooting your computer. From such a long-lasting solution, users can check the fixes given below. In addition, two or more audio device playback attached to your Windows 10 operating system computer can also activate the issue. In such a case, you can disconnect the second device and keep only the important one connected to resolve this error.

3. Always run the audio troubleshooter

       1) Choose and select the start icon and then choose settings from the leftmost panel.

      2) Then move on to the update and security.

update and security

      3) In the leftmost panel, Choose and select troubleshoot option.

      4) Then select the playing audio option and then choose to run the troubleshooter option. 

playing audio option

      5) After completion of the above process wait and then reboot your computer.

4. Update/Reset/Rollback the audio device driver

To resolve audio renderer error youtube each of these options helped for some users and not to all, the user can try them on by one and check whether which suits them.

      1) Type device manager in the windows 10 search box and press enter key from the keyboard.

device manager

      2) In the device manager option, the user can expand the audio inputs and outputs.

      3) After that choose and right-click on the audio device driver.

      4) Follow the process for restarting/resetting the device driver:

  • Choose and select disable device option.
  • Then wait for a few seconds and then right-click it again, then choose to enable the device.

disable device option

      5) Follow the process to roll back your device driver.

  • Select and click on the proprieties option.
  • Then move on to the driver menu.
  • After that, you may see a roll-back driver option. Then click on it and follow the instructions given on the screen.

roll back driver option

      6) To update the device driver.

  • First of all click on the updated driver.
  • Then a new window appears and clicks on search automatically for an updated driver software option.
  • Then wait for the completion of the process.

If the above-given option didn’t help you to resolve the audio renderer error on youtube we recommend you to try another fix given below. 

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5. Particular fix for ASIO driver

If such error appears when the Cubase is open, and most likely the error is the difference between the sample rates. To do so follow the steps given below:

      1) Choose and right-click on the speaker’s option in the bottom right of your windows 10 screen and the choose sounds options.

speaker's option

      2) Then move on to the playback tab, choose the audio device driver, and then click on the proprieties option.

      3) Then in speakers proprieties and move on to advanced tab and below default, format choose and select your sample rate.

      4) Then start ASIO device driver settings and then move on to the audio tab.

ASIO device driver settings audio

      5) Below the sample rate, reset the same rate which the user selects in speakers proprieties at step 3.

      6) Then reboot your computer.

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