Fallout 4 Crash On Startup [Error Resolved]

Fallout 4 crashes on start-up and if you don’t know how to resolve such issues. Don’t panic. There are various ways to resolve such errors. In this article, we are providing five different ways to resolve errors like fallout 4 crash on start-up.

Fallout 4 crash on startup. Why?

There are many different reasons for fallout 4 crashing on a start-up. As some gamers find such errors while loading, some have fallout 4 crashing after some time. But genuinely speaking, the error such as Fallout 4 crash on start-up occurs due to video resolution, hardware errors and the graphics card driver’s errors. One thing you must ensure is that your PC completes the minimum requirements for playing fallout 4 crash on start-up.

How to resolve errors such as Fallout 4 crashing on start-up?

  • Update and install the latest version
  • Always set the graphics card choice to low
  • Always update the graphics card driver
  • Disable antivirus for a short time
  • Setup settings in Fallout 4 crash

      1. Update and install the latest version

Mostly the bugs or viruses from the game are the main reason behind the crashing problems. To avoid such errors the programmers of the game always keep releasing the newer versions of the game to resolve such issues. Such updates are supposed to be many important changes that help to improve the game performance, security, and stability of the applications. Downloading and installing such patches helps your software to run efficiently and safely. As a result, always check the current patch or version of Fallout 4 on your PC and also download and install the current version to keep the game up to the minute. After installing, reboot your PC, and again start fallout 4 to check whether the errors have been resolved or not. If not you can move to the next fix given below.

      2. Always set the graphics card choice to low

You may know that such errors occur due to the video settings of your game and cause the fallout 4 crash on start-up in Windows PC. To avoid such issues you have to keep an eye on the graphics card driver settings in fallout 4 crashing issues. Another way to avoid such issues is you can set your game in Windowed mode and select the video settings to the lowest direction. It may vary from computer and software and hardware.

graphics card

      3. Always update the graphics card driver

Mostly it happens due to outdated and missing graphics card drivers. Always make sure that your video driver and video card works properly. There are two methods to upgrade the graphics card driver. These include automatically and manually.

If you don’t have the time skills and patience to upgrade your graphic card drivers, you can visit the developer’s website and download the latest driver and install it. You can also install it automatically from third-party websites and applications. It will easily recognize and find the correct drivers.

update the graphics card driver

You can also upgrade your graphics card driver from the website. It needs time, computer skills, and patience.

      4. Disable antivirus for a short time

The antivirus from our PC is feasibly incompatible with the Steam games. In this way, you have to check antivirus from your PC. Follow the below-given steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is disable the antivirus installed on your PC.
  2. Then start Fallout 4 on your PC to check whether it works or not.
  3. If the game restarts and starts working definitely it must be an issue with antivirus. After that, you have to add the game fallout 4 to your antivirus.
  4. If still not resolved, try another fix given below.

      5. Setup setting in fallout 4 crash

Many times the inappropriate settings in your game Fallout 4 leads to such issues. Always check the settings by the below method.

  1. Always check the resolution of your computer and the resolution in your fallout 4. Always make sure both must be the same.
  2. From settings choose the Graphics Adapter and resolution settings in your game and check the mode. It should be Windowed mode and Borderless.
  3. Always uncheck the enable intro video from fallout 4 game settings.
  4. And make sure you enable God rays option in Fallout 4 game settings.

God rays option

5. After that choose to save the settings and reboot your computer and then start the game fallout 4 and check whether it works or not.

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