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Pratap Patil

Hi, I'm Pratap Patil and I am a Tech Blogger from India. I like to post about technology and product reviews to the readers of my blog. Apart from blogging love to travel and capturing random faces on street.

In 2023, How to Run a Business in the Metaverse

Business in the Metaverse
Many people wonder how to engage in the Metaverse as we enter this new era of virtual worlds and digital currencies. Create a Metaverse corporation However, before launching a Metaverse development company, you should undertake market research to evaluate …

Best Cloud Data Base To Use In 2023

Best Cloud Data Base
Your Data. Your Decision A Cloud Database is a managed and organized collection of data in an IT system that exists on a private, public, or cloud computing platform that is hybrid. From an overall functionality and hybrid design viewpoint,…

What are the latest PHP Development Trends?

PHP Development Trends
PHP is a popular server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic websites or web apps. It can be used to develop simple blogging websites to eCommerce web solutions. It is helpful in developing secure and fast web development solutions. In…

What Program Can I Use to Convert JPG to PDF?

Convert JPG to PDF
JPG and PDF are popular graphics formats that literally every user is likely to have encountered. For example, JPG has become incredibly popular with the development of digital photography because it enables the most complete preservation of shades of color…