July 13, 2024
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7 Ways to Boost Your Outbound Telemarketing Strategy With Telemarketing Software

Outbound telemarketing is an age-old marketing strategy for expanding the customer base that is relevant even today. According to a report, 70% of call agents still reach out for sales and win prospects over outbound telecalls. The technology has evolved over years and there are several outbound telemarketing software that aids the call center agents to generate more leads. More and more businesses are adapting telemarketing software to boost agent performance.

Outbound call center software has become a must-have to implement outbound telemarketing strategies. Be it for marketing outreach, survey or updating the customers about the latest offers, investing in the best telemarketing software can bear high ROI for the business. Let’s dive into the ways an outbound telemarketing software may positively impact your outbound marketing campaign.

 Autodialing feature of telemarketing software is what every business needs to enhance the efficiency of their outbound marketing campaigns. This feature saves the time and effort of agents to manually dial numbers to connect with the prospects. It also streamlines contact list management. There are three types of autodialers that a business can choose as per their business requirement.

  • Predictive dialer: It is the perfect autodialer to connect with the maximum number of prospects within a specified period. Predictive dialers automatically dial and connect the agent to the next prospect immediately after the previous call is disconnected. It also automatically skips numbers with busy tones and unavailable numbers.
  • Progressive dialer: It helps in reducing agents’ downtime without rushing any conversation. Therefore, progressive dialers are ideal for businesses focusing on quality conversations to generate leads. It autodials and connects the agent to the next prospect when the agent is available.
  • Preview dialer: When prospect information can impact the quality of conversation, a preview dialer is the best option. It equips the agents with prospect information to lead a meaningful conversation. It is an ideal option for a small sales team executing extensive outbound telemarketing.

By using the right autodialer for the best outbound telemarketing software, your business can boost the conversion rate by reducing the effort of agents. It is one of the most effective outbound telemarketing tips that every business must implement.

  • Mask the calling number to reduce rejections

 As consumers are becoming more aware, the abandonment rate of outbound telemarketing is increasing. One of the best outbound telemarketing tricks is masking the calling number. A reliable outbound telemarketing software comes with a call masking feature. This feature helps in protecting the privacy of customer details. By masking numbers, both the parties: the prospect and the agent can indulge in a conversation without risking the misuse of their personal information.

  • Integrate CRM for better conversation flow

A CRM system serves as a valuable resource that agents can utilize to lead a conversation with a known customer. Integrating CRM into your telemarketing software empowers the agent with essential knowledge about the consumer. For instance, an agent can get an overview of the previous conversation with the prospect and pick up the conversation where it ended. This positively affects the customer experience as the customer does not feel frustrated to repeat the same conversation.

Outbound telemarketing strategy can be strengthened with CRM integration. It allows customer profiling and creating a list of prospects based on the specification of target group. For instance, your contact list has a teacher of 35 years old, a student of 18 years old and a homemaker having 2 kids. When your product is educational toys, the target group involves parents with young kids. Therefore, the information from CRM eliminates 18 years old student from its contact list. In short, CRM integration enables your agents to market your products or service only to a qualified list of contacts.

  • Boost agent performance through real-time monitoring

The best way to drive efficiency for outbound telemarketing is to monitor the real-time conversations between the agent and prospects. It enables the business, precisely the administrator or manager to control the quality of conversation. Agents may also receive quick feedback to deal with complex problems. Moreover, real-time call monitoring enables detect areas of inefficiency within the outbound calling operations. It also ensures that the agents are abiding by the service level compliance.

  • Make better strategic decisions with analytics

One of the best outbound telemarketing tips is relying on data-driven insights. A telemarketing software allows call recordings and call analytics. Leverage call analytics to evaluate the agent performance through different KPIs.Average handling time, First Call Resolution(FCR) rate, abandonment rate etc. are some of the KPIs that provide meaningful insights on the call center performance. You can also identify training needs by looking into call analytics.

Speech analytics is one of the most advanced features of telemarketing software. This feature enables a business to detect frequently used terms as keywords. These keywords can be used to detect the pain points of the prospect. A business can use the information to develop content that boosts organic traffic. In a nutshell, call analytics can help in making strategic decisions related to outbound telemarketing to drive efficiency.

  • Eliminate low-pick-up challenges with multiple dialing modes

Multi-dialing modes is the best way to overcome call abandonment challenge in outbound telemarketing.  It dials multiple numbers simultaneously and connects the call to the available agent when the prospect picks up the call. Therefore, multiple dialing modes effectively optimize the outbound call operations. Some telemarketing software allows customization of the dialing modes as per the business needs.

  • Empower agents with agent scripting

Outbound telemarketing is successful when agents can successfully lead a conversation to make sales or fulfill the marketing purpose. Agent scripting is one of the most essential features of telemarketing software that empowers agents. It also helps in training new agents.

A telemarketing software may have AI-assisted agent scripting that can boost the conversation rate through meaningful conversation. It guides the agent to converse with the prospect in the most effective way.

The Bottom Line

Implementing an outbound telemarketing campaign isn’t as easy as it used to be a few years earlier. Today, telemarketing software is assisting agents to drive success through outbound calling. It is essential to be aware of all the features of telemarketing software that can become a game-changer for your outbound game. HoduSoft is one of the market leaders in the field of communication technology that aids businesses with call center software. It caters to the business needs of enhancing outbound marketing efficiency.

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