June 23, 2024
utorrent not responding

How To Fix Utorrent Not Responding Fast- Easy Steps

uTorrent is a lightweight and efficient system gaining wide popularity all around the world. It is almost a bug-free application. If sometimes it may happen like it provides some errors like uTorrent not responding, don’t get nervous. It is very easy to fix. 


Try to fix these:

  • Proceed through task manager

As the application warns, the first thing one should carry out is to exit all the utorrent actions. You can also close uTorrent and its coupled facilities through the task manager and restart it once again.

  1. Click Ctrl + Shift + Esc to start the task manager.
  2. Then click on uTorrent and click on End Task.
  3. Select File>Run new task for running new task.
  4. Click on Browse after opening the new window. 
  5. Traverse to the path given below to start uTorrent:


After the above process error should vanish and you can reinstall it again. If not, you can try another fix.

  • Run via admin

Such types of errors can also be lead due to bounded access to install the file. Vast information transferring can build your account distrust. So the uTorrent requires admin advantage to perform tasks usually again. To avoid such errors you can run the application via admin.

  1. On the screen, right-click on uTorrent and click on Properties. 
  2. Select the box beside Run this program as an admin.
  3. Select Apply>Ok.
  4. After restarting your PC run uTorrent once again.

Now you can run uTorrent perfectly. If still not, then try the next fix given below.

  • Permit uTorrent via firewall

In spite of the fact that the uTorrent setup can impulsively add an irregularity for uTorrent in Firewall. One may have to insert uTorrent as an anomaly in the different security applications and antiviruses

Permit uTorrent via firewall

You can follow the links given below to check:

  1. AVG Antivirus
  2. Bitdefender
  3. ESET NOD32
  4. Trend Micro
  5. Avast
  6. Norton 
  7. McAfee

Now you can check the uTorrent setup from these security applications which are mentioned above.

  • Try to disable substitutes (proxies)

On the other hand, besides improving internet quality substitute servers can also authorize people to search personally by hiding the IP. In this way, substitute servers are known to dispute with other network-based applications which include apps such as uTorrent. You can impair substitute servers to fix such types of errors. 

  1. At the same time click on the windows key and R key, then enter inetcpl. cpl and press enter.
  2. Now search the Connection tab and then click on LAN settings and press enter.
  3. After that check the box beside to Use a Substitute (Proxy) server for LAN.
  4. And hit the enter key and you are good to go.

Try disable substitutes (proxies)

In this way now one can restart uTorrent and check the issues or errors still pursues or not. If still not, then try the next fix given below.

  • Remove data from app

Another main cause of the data is reported as corrupt application information. The current changes made on your PC may have corrupted the configuration of local files. Due to that, your uTorrent is not able to read these types of data. In this way, it causing uTorrent not responding errors.

  1. Click the Windows key and R key at a time.
  2. Then enter %AppData%\utorrent in the dialog box.
  3. Try to delete or remove all the data from the folder.
  4. Please Reboot your PC and start uTorrent again.
  • Remove on loading files

Sometimes it may be the current installing file that is causing your application to frigid. If you want to fix it, one can directly go to the directory named download and remove all the installing files. After you reboot your uTorrent, it will restart the installation piece of work. After completing this process this problem may vanish.

  • Install the application again

If all the above fixes fail to resolve, don’t get panic. You can reinstall the application.

  1. Click Windows key and R key simultaneously.
  2. Then enter appwiz.cpl in the appeared dialog box.
  3. Again right click on uTorrent and click uninstall.
  4. After uninstalling all the files try to download the application again. 


In this way, we have mentioned some fixes to resolve your uTorrent not responding errors. If still not resolving, then try to uninstall the application completely. And start downloading again!

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