July 11, 2024
Yellow Sapphire

How To Identify Original Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire, which is also called Pukhraj, is an enchanting gemstone that has bewitched people for ages. For you to get the real beauty of this valuable gemstone, it is essential to learn how to recognize the Original Pukhraj Stone. This guide will untangle the important features to consider, distinguishing between the natural and synthetic ones, and revealing the physical traits that make Pukhraj unique.

Natural vs. Synthetic Yellow Sapphire

The initial step in determining the authenticity of your gem is to make a distinction between the natural and the synthetic sapphire yellow. Natural pukhraj stone, which has taken millions of years to form, is distinct from lab-grown substitutes due to its properties. It is important to understand these differences to make an informed purchase.

Physical Characteristics of Original Pukhraj Stone

The physical features of a Pukhraj stone add to its attractiveness and value. By studying these characteristics, you will be able to identify the real diamond amid the ocean of options that are available in the market.

Color Variations – The bright yellow shade of Pukhraj ranges from a pale lemon tone to a deep shade of gold. Real stones have a deep and uniform color that contributes to their beauty.

Clarity and Transparent – Original yellow sapphires tend to have high transparency, and few inclusions. Looking at the clarity of the stone makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of nature and originality of the stone.

Cut and Shape – The cut and shape also play an important role in the sparkle of a Pukhraj stone. Real stones are carefully polished to improve their natural brilliance while artificial alternatives may not be as well crafted.

Testing for Authenticity

An original yellow sapphire stone can be identified only by conducting several tests to prove its authenticity. These tests are great instruments for both gem lovers and professionals. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the original pukhraj stone price, it is recommended to check with reputable gemstone dealers, certified jewelers, or specialized online platforms.

Scratch Test – A relatively simple but effective test is the scratch test, where the Pukhraj gemstone is scratched. True stones, being harder than most fakes, will not scratch. Know how to conduct this test easily and precisely.

UV Light Examination – UV light is a revealing method of differentiating natural Pukhraj from synthetic substitutes. Real stones usually have unique fluorescence patterns, which can easily identify them as genuine.

Specific Gravity Test – The specific gravity of yellow sapphire is another factor that is critical in the identification process. The natural origin of Pukhraj can be confirmed with the help of a specific gravity test.

Learning to pass these trials gives you the ability to choose a unique yellow sapphire with confidence. With these observations in mind, you’ll set out on your journey to find the right Pukhraj and make a decision that is true to the real beauty of this amazing gem.


Finally, locating a genuine yellow sapphire, especially the distinguished Pukhraj stone, requires a visual screening followed by practical tests. However, by learning the differences between exploring the synthetic variations and physical attributes that determine authenticity, you become a knowledgeable consumer. Rely on your intuitions and the wisdom of this guide to ensure that the Pukhraj in your possession is a real reflection of the marvels of the earth.

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