June 14, 2024
how to unban people on discord

How To Unban People On Discord?

At a certain time we can ban some people on a discord server and later if we want to unban them there are some ways for doing so and some people are not aware of these techniques so the question arises is how to unban someone on discord?

Well guys, if you have this question in your mind then I am here to help you regarding how to unban people on discord. So unbanning people on discord server are not a hard task but if you are not aware of how to proceed for unbanning then it will become an issue for you guys.

Now, you can go forward and follow these simple steps to unban people on the discord server.

Why discord need to ban some users?

Most of the time discord ban people when the start posting so many pictures on Discord server or they are trying to spread some kind of havoc around the discord users. By doing this Discord is trying to protect other users from involved in fake information.

Even, sometimes you get banned due to what kind of information you are sharing on discord. For example, if you are going to share wrong or inappropriate images and videos through discord then there are high chances of you to get banned by discord.

Most important thing is that only discord is not the one who bans you but also the server admin can also ban you because they have that authority.

Following are steps to unban someone on Discord server-

Now, let’s come to our main question which is how to unban people on discord server? Well if you need to ban someone on discord server then you must be an administrator of that particular server. If you are not an admin then you have to ask for making you admin to the server’s original administrator. Or in case if your account is banned then you have to talk with server’s administrator to unban you.

But in this case, we are going to talk about how to unban people on discord. So, first of all, you have to make sure about you are the admin of the server. After that, you should go forward and follow these simple steps-

Step 1- first thing you have to do is, you need to launch the discord app from your computer other devices.

Step 2- now, you should go to the server where you want to unban people or group of people.

Step 3– After that, you need to click on the server name which is at the top corner.

Step 4– now, go to the server setting.

Steps 5– At this step go to the bans option.

Step 6– At this point, you will get a list of all people who you have banned from discord server.

Step 7– in this step, look for the people whom you want to block and if you are not able to find this then use the search box for doing this.

Step 8– Now click on the user’s name so you will now get a popup.

Step 9– finally in this step click on the ‘Revoke ban’ button and you are done with the unbanning the people.

Now the person is again able to post in your discord server and use it like other members of discord server.

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Discord account ban lasts for how long?

The important thing about discord ban is that they do not last permanently. Sometimes it will last for hours, days, or weeks after the ban gets issued. In some cases, your account may get banned permanently also.

How I can get stop getting banned from discord servers?

There are certain things you should have to follow to not get banned on discord like you should have to follow server’s rule, you should not be rude to other members of the server, you should not spam or spread fake information.

What should I do if my discord account is disabled?

Sometimes your account gets disabled on discord server at such point I will suggest you contact discord support. You have to post on discord help site of discord for doing this. Or easy way is, you can just tweet about it to them.


So this is all solution to your question about how to unban someone on discord. By researching on discord if you are wishing not to get banned on discord I will recommend you not to spam and be careful about actions and also the content you are sharing. Also, you should follow the rules of the server. Also, feel free to ask any question if you have regarding discord server.


  1. How do I unban someone on Discord?
    • To unban someone on Discord, you need to have the necessary permissions as a server administrator or have the appropriate role with the unban privilege. Once you have the required permissions:
      • Go to your Discord server settings.
      • Navigate to the “Bans” or “Moderation” section.
      • Locate the user you want to unban from the list of banned members.
      • Click on the user’s name and select the option to unban them.
      • Confirm the action, and the user will be unbanned, allowing them to rejoin the server.
  2. Can I unban someone if I’m not the server administrator?
    • No, only server administrators or users with the necessary permissions can unban someone on Discord. If you are not the server administrator, you will need to contact the administrator and request them to unban the user on your behalf.
  3. Can I unban multiple people at once?
    • Unfortunately, Discord does not provide a built-in feature to unban multiple people at once. You need to unban users individually by following the steps mentioned earlier.
  4. Will unbanning someone restore their previous messages and roles?
    • Unbanning someone on Discord allows them to rejoin the server, but it does not restore their previous messages or roles. When unbanned, the user will have a clean slate and will need to regain any roles or permissions they had before.
  5. Can I prevent someone from being banned in the first place?

    • As a server administrator, you can set up proper moderation rules, guidelines, and roles to prevent unnecessary bans. By having clear guidelines and active moderation, you can maintain a positive and inclusive community where bans are used judiciously and as a last resort.

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