June 23, 2024
AR Zone App

What is AR Zone App?

With social life being difficult the last few days, people were looking forward to fun applications and Samsung’s AR Zone just sets the benchmark.

Recently Samsung has launched a new app that is easily available on its new phones and even on Android version 10. It is a fun camera app known as AR Zone. The app is getting popular quick and appreneurs are reaching out to mobile app development company for investing in the domain.

AR Zone App from Samsung

AR Zone App allows the user to make fun videos and pictures with the phone’s original camera. This App is more like using Snapchat App. The feature of this app is more interesting and advanced. Features of AR Zone App The features of this app will amaze you to the core especially if you are a fun-loving person. This app is for you.

Features of AR Zone

  1. Bumper stickers
  2. AR Emoji Camera and Studio
  3. Picture Link
  4. Quick Measure
  5. Deco Pic
  6. Doodles
  7. AR and 3D Text components
  8. 3D and animated object elements
  9. Real-life characters Bitmoji creation
  10. Outfit editing

The best part is the bitmoji creation process that doesn’t need another app. You can do it while being in the app interface and export it to your messaging applications.

How does AR Zone App work?

Unlike other apps, AR Zone App allows a person to do real-time edits in the video. It allows users to add stickers while you capture photos and videos, see how a bitmoji of the specific photography will look like, and add other 3D effects while recording the video instead of saving it first and editing it afterward. Samsung users who post on TikTok or YouTube shorts can make extensive use of the app as a fun videomaker.

The app definitely has AI-based image recognition features in the back-end like Instagram and Snapchat. With integration of these capacities, the app is able to sense different facial and body parts.

Business Potential of AR Zone App

Though the app is a flagship product of Samsung and is not available for other Android or iOS devices, but several appreneurs saw the hype and started investing in AR camera applications.

AR-based applications are already getting popular and the world has now started moving a step ahead with Virtual Reality integrations. You’ll find applications in the niches like real estate, ecommerce, education and tourism that make use of simulated artificial environments. Because these concepts were still new in 2020, it was expensive for appreneurs to integrate these features. But with SDKs and frameworks simplifying the development processes, AR integration has just become a feature and can be added through APIs. Other popular apps that use AR include Zombies, Run and Pokemon Go.

How do Apps like AR Zone earn money?

Though Samsung has given the app for free, and probably does not collect sensitive user data, similar apps have different revenue models leveraged for the app.

First up is the free app revenue model. These apps earn through sponsored advertisements and data collection. These apps can show ads in banner form, listing form, or video form and have different payments for each ad.

Then come the paid apps. These don’t show the advertisements but charge a one-time or subscription-based membership fee ranging between $2-$5.

Last is the freemium model which allows users to download the app for free with limited functionality. advanced features can come in as in-app digital purchases or premium upgrades.

Wrapping Up…

All in all, mobile app development companies are leveraging such applications to make huge profits out of their technical knowledge and skills.

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