July 12, 2024
Branding in Marketing

What Is Branding in Marketing & How to Keep Your Business Unique?

A brand is a value proposition, a promise of both functional and emotional benefits. They are values ​​to share. No brand improvises. Only when a brand has all of the above is when its logo becomes a seal which allows it to sell even more expensive than its competitors.

Branding in Marketing

What is brand strategy?

The brand strategy is based on establishing a long-term course to achieve the objectives set at the beginning that are aligned with the business plan. It is clear that you cannot create a strategy without having a clear objective to meet.

Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most challenging and important steps in the marketing plan process. It is a vital step for the creation of the brand in question. The communication of the brand must be consistent in all its forms and must be consistent with the values ​​that the brand defends.

Why is it important to define the brand strategy?

Creating a brand strategy has different benefits:

  • Greater preference towards the products and services of the brand.
  • More capacity to introduce the products and services in the distribution.
  • Increases resistance to the actions of competitors.
  • Higher equity value.
  • Greater pride and identification on the part of its employees.

The power of brands is very important in marking their influence. It must be taken into account that the current market is characterized by increasingly demanding consumers. These people receive many advertising impacts per day that influence them.

Keys to create your brand strategy

  • Brand architecture. You must be clear about what type of branding in marketing you want to form. Surely, the objectives of the business will change as new products or services emerge. Thus, depending on the objectives of the moment, there will be different alternatives to build the brand strategy.
  • Target audiences. You must define the audience you want to connect with and then convert into a customer. To choose the ideal client, you must take into account what tastes they have, what behaviors and attitudes they show, what their insights are…
  • Desired positioning. To select the positioning you want in the mind of the target audience, you must think about the attributes you want them to associate you with.
  • Functional benefits you offer. You must answer questions such as what tangible benefits do you bring; what needs do you satisfy; What sets you apart from the competition… Answering these questions will make you unique, different and preferable to the public.
  • emotional value. Convincing the mind and heart of the consumer is also very important to achieve the goal.
  • Brand personality. Each brand must be identified with a personality and with a brand attitude. So it’s important to think about how you want to identify yourself. The brand must be the representation of values, attitudes and behaviors.
  • You must choose a phrase that conveys your brand promise. With this phrase, you have the opportunity to reinforce the meaning you want your brand to have in the world.
  • It is good to write anecdotes and remarkable facts that you can transform into a story that attracts attention. This will serve to connect emotionally with the public and transmit values.
  • Brand identity. With this last step you already have everything you need to define how the visual identity, verbal identity and sensory identity of the brand should be.


The correct management of your brand goes through the language that you use in networks or in person, the personality that you show to your clients, your way of working, the design that gives face to your actions, or your social networks, they must be coherent and maintain a certain egalitarian profile so as not to confuse your audience. If you work these aspects rationally and consciously, you will see that it will bring you:


Having a well-defined, active brand that your audience feels good about brings you much closer to potential customers. You will always have your audience happy and satisfied with their choice (as long as your service or product is good) and it will be easier to attract new customers.


Your brand is associated with you. Your customers are people, and people like to deal with other people, not with some strange and mysterious entity behind an email or a blog. They have to see you, to know you, to know who you are and why you do what you do.


Today it is difficult for your clients or your target audience to see your corporate identity and know who you are or what you do just by showing that information. Let’s face it, we are not Nike or Adidas. It is important to transmit certain values ​​on which we base our company, business or brand, in order to be remembered by others. You may not be remembered for an image, but if you can be remembered because you gave a good, different and original service, or after the sale process of your services you were attentive to the client until everything was underway… There are many aspects in which we can stand out and be remembered, but without forgetting that it is associated with what we transmit.


We live surrounded by businesses and companies that offer services and products everywhere, we are saturated with advertising and the market is saturated in many fields. We have a lot of competition and we have to find a way to differentiate ourselves. If they remember you it is for something good or something shocking or something that made them feel good or special, and probably the next time they need something related to your field they will come back to you. It is what is called loyalty. Even if a client has been very satisfied, they will recommend you to acquaintances and friends, even their own clients who need services that you offer.

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