June 14, 2024
Important for SEO

Why You Should Keep Count of Words? Is it Important for SEO

Here is a top-to-bottom guide to making SEO Friendly content within a specified word count:

1. Introduction

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), word count is a significant positioning component.

The number of words in an article can directly affect its position on the internet search engine results pages (SERPs).

This guide covers all that you want to be familiar with word count and SEO, from the essential elements to further developed strategies.

Before the end of this guide, you will know how to compose articles that rank well in web search indexes, no matter the topic or industry.

2. The Importance of Word Count for SEO Purposes

Shockingly, the normal word count for a 10th-placed site on Google’s results page is around 900 words.

This demonstrates that, in SEO, word count is very significant.

However, what’s the significance here for content writers, advertisers, and SEO experts!?

How would you approach making content that will not just position well, but, in addition, connect with your crowd?

The number of words on a page is a significantly weighted ranking factor in SEO.

The number of words in an article can influence where it appears on search engine results pages (SERPs) and how well it’s overall performance and outreach is on the internet in terms of user engagement, conversion, etc.

When it comes to site and content management, businesses face numerous issues.

Businesses confront a variety of difficulties in terms of SEO that can be tough to overcome, ranging from the site format to conversion and bounce rates and these certain problems call for the need for enhanced efficiency and setup.

This is where tools come in handy, streamlining content workflows and assisting the site in meeting its objectives.

3. What is The Ideal Word Count for SEO

A writer has no limits on the type of content that he or she can write; it can be a blog, article, guide, or any other type of relative content.

There are actually different types of categories for different types of content, usually; the type of content written for a website or any other relative platform is related to health and lifestyle Technology, business, education, automotive, etc.

SEO is a very different world of digital marketing.

There is so much that SEO deals with on an everyday basis.

We recommend writing more than 800 words for regular posts or pages.

What is the reason for this?

A higher word count, on the other hand, aids Google’s understanding of your site’s content. And, in general, Google gives longer articles a higher ranking.”

Not many people fancy reading long texts of more than 1200-1800+ words, and even that seems to be quite long these days.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and is meant to detect high-quality unique content.

According to a Forbes study, a standard of 600-700 words per page is good for SEO.

According to Forbes, sites with less than 300 words per page are considered “thin” by all accounts and are unlikely to rank as top-level on SERP pages.

4. How to Keep Track of Your Word Count

As a writer, you know there are times when the words just do not flow.

You might feel blocked, uninspired, or like you are just not cut out for this profession.

For some people, it may not be easy to keep a track of their word count but to be very honest it is relatively a very easy thing to do especially when you have a dedicated word counter tool to help you with it.

Word Count 

It helps you with the number of your sentences, words, characters, and, above all, the word density.

With the assistance of such tools, you can undoubtedly enhance your content within an assigned word count requirement.

Be brief, applicable, and right on track.

The purposes of having word counters are diverse.

Writers, bloggers, students, education professionals, and the general online community can use the word counter to achieve their respective goals.

The primary objective is to provide the users with information instantly and efficiently.

It would be a mistake not to use such great and handy tools at your disposal.

These serve a great purpose in your writing and content management and help out loads.

5. Tips to Help You Increase Your Word Count

Decide for whom you are composing the content.

It is much more straightforward to be immediate with your writing when you know who your content is expected for.

As we said previously, words carry an extraordinary role in your SEO techniques.

One of the most common types of copywriting today is SEO copywriting.

It consists of developing rich content and further developing the site’s position on the SERP list and producing more traffic for it.

As a blogger, you should have the option to break up content into blocks and use the essential details that apply to you or your organization, product, and topic and utilize it properly in your content.

Create material that is easy to understand.

Users rarely pay attention and spend considerably less time and energy going through your content, thus they frequently hop off without doing much.

You must develop content that is straightforward to comprehend for the average reader.

Consider yourself a typical reader who goes to a website to read an article or blog and reads practically every word.

If necessary, use appropriate and relevant headings and subheadings so that the reader understands the goal of the subsequent paragraphs.

This will also help you divide and split your entire content so that it does not appear that it is just thrown on the website.


The digital marketer’s toolkit should include a combination of multiple tools.

If you do not have the budget to invest in professional services, there are plenty of great tools that will help you with your marketing efforts whether SEO or Content Writing free of cost.

Here are some essential SEO tips for growing your business online.

Use these tips to succeed in your SEO campaign while keeping a proper check on your word count and driving more visitors to your website.

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