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Benefits of VPS Hosting for Your Website's SEO.

The Benefits of VPS Hosting for Your Website’s SEO.

Web hosting has a notable impact on a website’s search engine optimization, which can make or break a website. So, choosing web hosting is an important decision for a website. And must be taken wisely after carefully accessing all the features. However, the availability of plenty of hosting plans, such as shared, VPS hosting, dedicated, and cloud hosting, makes it more challenging for most users to decide the most suitable of all.

All plans have their own benefits and drawback, and all are suitable for different sizes of websites with varying website traffic.

We’ve created this guide to specifically discuss VPS hosting and its benefits for a website’s SEO.

So, let’s dive deeper into the details of VPS hosting and explore the benefits of using VPS hosting for website SEO. Let’s get started!

What is VPS web hosting?

VPS stands for virtual private servers. It is a web hosting service in which hosting providers offer virtually separate servers to their customers to provide a separate uninterrupted environment and completely dedicated resources that solely belong to their website, unlike shared hosting, where they need to share the server space as well as the resources with other websites.

VPS hosting has its own operating system, storage system, and other dedicated resources. In addition, the VPS hosting environment is customizable and can be customized as per the requirements of web admins.

VPS hosting is an intermediate hosting between shared and dedicated hosting that offers you a dedicated hosting environment and features at the price of shared hosting.

VPS hosting is ideal for users who want stability, faster page loading speed, advantageous hosting features, and potent services, all at a reasonable price.

Why choose VPS hosting over another hosting?

When it comes to VPS hosting, it has more benefits than traditional shared hosting as well as supreme dedicated hosting. Let’s help you understand why you must choose VPS hosting over both shared as well as dedicated solutions.

  • Why better than shared hosting?

Shared hosting is an affordable and feature-rich hosting solution that is most suitable for small websites with less traffic. It can significantly handle small websites but has some drawbacks.

Shared hosting is prone to more security risks as the server is shared among all the users. Your website may be affected when there are security breaches or some errors on other websites sharing the same server. VPS hosting, on the contrary, provides you with a virtually separate environment. Thus, it is more secure and remains unaffected.

In shared hosting, your website performance is also affected when other websites use more server resources. With VPS hosting, you get dedicated resources that completely belong to your website.

In addition, shared hosting does not provide you control over your server, while VPS hosting provides control over your server so you can customize your server as per your need.

  • Why better than dedicated hosting?

When it comes to dedicated hosting, we know it is the supreme of all. However, it is much costlier than VPS hosting. VPS hosting provides a dedicated hosting environment and resources at a much more reasonable price. And you can also scale up whenever needed.

For managing dedicated hosting, you are required to have more technical knowledge to handle the dedicated server, which is more difficult for novice users. Although VPS hosting also requires technical knowledge, novice users with basic technical knowledge can easily manage VPS servers.

Dedicated hosting offers you total control over your servers. So, you are fully responsible for configuring and managing the server and the updates, besides managing your website. Although VPS hosting also offers server control, the major tasks are managed by the host, and you can effortlessly configure the other features as per your needs. So, with VPS hosting, you don’t require to invest much time in server configurations and can focus on growing your website.

So, VPS hosting is an overall package that offers you dedicated resources and a dedicated hosting environment, and that too without putting much load on your pocket. VPS hosting is suitable for businesses with small to huge traffics requiring speedy performance and enhanced experience at a reasonable price.

The benefits of using VPS hosting for website SEO.

Now that you understand what VPS hosting is and how it is more suitable for everyone to use let’s explore how VPS hosting is beneficial for a website’s SEO when compared to shared hosting. So, let’s go over each one by one.

1. Improved site loading speed.

One of the notable benefits of using VPS hosting can be seen in the site loading speed.

We all know that site loading speed is a valuable ranking factor that is assessed by Google while ranking a website. It not only enhances the user experience on a site but also improves the ranking of a website on SERPs.

In addition, it’s also important to know that web hosting can significantly impact the site loading speed. Thus, it’s crucial to choose web hosting that can increase the site’s loading speed.

In shared hosting, since you share the server and its resources with other websites, your website loading speed can be significantly impacted due to other websites, which can hurt your website’s SEO.

On the contrary, VPS hosting provides you with dedicated resources and a virtually separate server, allowing your website to load faster and perform uninterruptedly. This improves site loading speed and enhances your search ranking on SERPs.

2. Improved uptime

Another benefit of using VPS hosting is its improved uptime. The uptime is the time a website is accessible to its users. Google considers a website’s uptime to provide it with an SEO ranking. It’s also important to note that frequent downtimes can notably impact the SEO ranking of a website. So, in order to gain trust and higher ranking on SERPs, it’s crucial for websites to remain available and accessible to users all the time.

Shared hosting might affect your website due to a shared environment. VPS hosting provides you with dedicated resources and a stable environment that can ensure your website availability all the time. In addition, VPS hosting also offers advanced monitoring and support services which can ensure high uptime and maximum availability of your website.

3. Increased security.

The next notable benefit of using VPS hosting is to get increased security. We know that a website needs to be secure to achieve a higher ranking in SERPs. This is because Google prioritizes secure websites to provide its users with a safe browsing experience. Thus, website security can significantly impact its ranking in search results.

In shared hosting, the shared environment is the major security concern where your website can be affected due to other websites. In VPS hosting, you host your website in a separate environment where your website is more secure. In addition, you have more control over your server, so you can configure security settings and install additional plugins to ensure extra website security. Moreover, with VPS hosting, you get advanced security features such as malware scanning and firewalls for enhancing website security.

4. More control over the server.

VPS hosting provides you with more control over your server and its configurations which allows you to optimize your server as per your website’s specific needs. This means you can optimize your server to enhance your website performance and, ultimately, boost your search ranking.

For instance, you can install additional software and plugins to add additional functionalities and consequently optimize the performance of your website.

5. Improved Scalability

Scalability is an additional feature that you must focus on while choosing web hosting. It is essential for maintaining website SEO. VPS hosting offers you improved scalability options which enable you to scale up your resources and plan as and when required.

Over time, your website grows and attracts more traffic. Increased website data, as well as increased traffic, might require you to scale up and expand your resources. Most VPS hosting providers allow web admins to scale their server resources as needed effortlessly, enabling websites to perform fast and be responsive while maintaining their SEO.

6. Dedicated IP address

VPS hosting provides you with a dedicated IP address which can significantly impact the website’s search engine optimization. A dedicated IP address can provide enhanced security and can improve the website loading speeds. In addition, having a dedicated IP address can prevent your site from being blacklisted or penalized for any illegal activity that may be associated with other websites using the identical IP address.

7. More control over DNS settings

VPS hosting gives you more control over your DNS settings. Thus, you can customize the settings as per your desire and needs. By customizing your DNS settings, you can enhance the search engine optimization of your website and help it gain better search rankings.

For instance, you can improve your site loading times by using CDN (content delivery network). It’s an efficient way to boost the loading speed of a website and enhance its performance.

In addition, you can set your website’s canonical URL correctly by configuring your DNS settings. This can prevent duplicate content issues on your site and ultimately help you improve your website SEO.

Final thoughts

All the web hosting options are appropriate on their own, but VPS hosting is the most profitable. VPS hosting is an intermediate hosting option that gives you the benefits of dedicated hosting at the price of shared hosting (which means affordability). VPS hosting can be worth investing money in for anyone willing to give their websites faster loading speeds, stability, and additional security.

Furthermore, VPS hosting provides several SEO benefits for websites, allowing them to rank higher on SERPs, such as improved uptime, site loading speed, security, and more.

We’ve covered everything there is to know about VPS hosting to help you understand it better. We hope this VPS hosting guide and its SEO benefits have helped you grab it more clearly.

So, if you want to give your website a boost, consider investing in a reputable VPS web host.

Ensure to compare different VPS hosting providers and their features to choose the most profitable host and make the right choice.

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