June 15, 2024
Cabinet Door Hinges

How To Install Concealed Cabinet Door Hinges in 6 Steps

A concealed door hinge is also called a euro-style hinge. These are called concealed hinges because when the door is closed, you don’t see them.  This allows for a clean and seamless look on the door, as the hinges are not visible.

Concealed hinges are commonly used on metal doors, as they provide a strong and durable hinge solution that is well-suited to the weight and rigidity of metal doors.

These are typically made of metal, such as steel or brass, and are attached to the door and the door frame using screws or other fasteners.

concealed door hinge

Concealed cabinet hinges consist of two leaves or flaps, one attached to the door and the other to the door frame, which is connected by a hinge pin. The leaves are typically designed to be adjustable, allowing the user to fine-tune the alignment of the door and ensure that it opens and closes smoothly.

3 Parts of the Concealed Door Hinges

The concealed door hinge comes in three parts: the hinge body, the hinge boss (hinge cup), and the hinge arm (mounting plate).

The hinge body fits into a hole 35mm widened 30mm deep that’s drilled into the cabinet door 22.5mm from the edge.

The hinge is secured to the door with kitchen cabinet door hinge screws driven through the hinge boss 32mm apart. The mounting plate is positioned at the same height as the hinge and is also secured with the screws. Once fixed, the hinge arm fits into the mounting plate.

Install Conclead Door Hinges Professionally in 6 Easy Steps

Install Conclead Door Hinges Professionally in 6 Easy Steps

Step # 1  – Mark the Cabinet Door

Select the back side of the cabinet door and use an inch of tape to mark the door. Measure the door back about 3 inches from the edge of the door. When you’re done marking 3 inches, the next step is to come out and mark about 7 or 8  inches on the door. Highlight these marks.

Repeat the marking on the other side of the door. Secure the mark by either darkening the dot or by making a plus sign for immediate and accurate discrimination.

Step #  2 – Drill the Holes

Get yourself a Fortsner bit and a drill. The 35mm Fortsner bit will do the justice and will help you professionally get ahead with the process. Generally, a half-inch depth is preferable for the cups, which are again measured with a measuring tape.

Line up on the mark made in Step # 1 and start drilling. You might clamp the door down or secure it with tape before you start with the drilling. You may stop periodically to check if you have not gone too deep while drilling.

Repeat the similar step on the other side of the door.

Step #  3 – Install the Hinge Cups

Put the hinges for the cabinets into the hole. You’ll need two hinges for the two holes made in Step # 2. Next, you have to use scrap plywood, or a lever hit the hinge that straightens the two hinges out, making them parallel and helping them go straight in one line.

You may double-check it with a rafter square, but the former option comes in way handy.

Step #  4 – More Drilling Comes the Next

Make sure the kitchen door hinges are in the cups while at the same time applying a little pressure with the scrap plywood towards the hinge to make sure that the hinges stay in the perfect alignment. Take a self-centering drill bit, and drill pilot holes through the screw holes in the flanges on either side of the hinge.

Step #  5 – Mount The Screws

Insert the screws into the screw space. The cabinet door will get beautifully hinged, and you can now install the cabinet door right away. You don’t need special jigs and other tools to make this work.

Step #  6 – Mount The Door

Hook the cabinet door hinges in the mounting plate and hold it in an open position. Press the bars to let the door snap in the adjustment and adjust the door accordingly side to side, up or down, and in and out. Voila! You’re ready to give your kitchen a new look with the concealed cabinet hinge in action.

Wrapping Up

Hinges are remarkably strong. They can generally do eight to ten times the work they are assigned. The best way to see the widest variety of cabinet door hinges type to shop online.

Don’t move all over the location; look for the perfect hinges to complete your kitchen makeover. Instead, search the selection on the web and compare and buy hinges from the safety of your living room. You can choose TDC Hinges for this purpose. They have the best options in an affordable price range.

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