July 14, 2024

How to Become a Master of Searching on LinkedIn

LinkedIn search is a great tool for finding the right employees, checking out the competition, and networking with people to grow your business. The problem? Not everyone takes advantage of the powerful search feature on LinkedIn.

By searching on LinkedIn, you can significantly develop your networking skills and connect with professionals much easier. You can also use it for several uses such as job search, recruitment, and much more.

Include AND, OR, and NOT in Your Searches

  • AND: To find all keywords, use the AND operator. For example, if you want to find people who live in New York and are interested in marketing and digital strategy, enter the following search query: “lives in New York” AND “interested in marketing or digital strategy.”
  • OR: To narrow down your results by including one or more keywords, use the OR operator. For example, if you want to find people who live in San Francisco or Los Angeles who are interested in online marketing and social media management, enter this search query: “lives near San Francisco” OR “lives near Los Angeles” AND “interested in online marketing or social media management”
  • NOT: Use this operator to exclude a specific word from a phrase or sentence when searching by title on LinkedIn—for example: “lives near San Francisco” NOT “5+ years of experience”

Importance of LinkedIn Search

The LinkedIn search engine is the most powerful tool you can use to find people and jobs. You can search for companies that are hiring, or even look at job postings on a freelance basis.

LinkedIn is the best place to find business opportunities and partners. If you’re in need of funding or want to sell your product or service online, this social media platform provides access to potential investors who are active in their fields—and are looking for what you’ve got!

You may also be able to network with people who share similar interests and goals as yourself through groups on LinkedIn so that when it comes time for collaboration, there will already be some common ground established between everyone involved, which makes working together easier.

Searches are Case Sensitive

You might be wondering, “What’s the point of case sensitivity?” It makes searching more specific and accurate.

If you want to find people who went to Harvard University and majored in business administration, type in “Harvard Business School” and click Search Jobs or whatever other fields/industry interests you.

Searching on LinkedIn is Complicated but Powerful!

LinkedIn search is not as intuitive as Google search because it’s more specific and you have to know how to use the right keywords.

For example, if you want to find a company in New York City with at least 500 employees and annual revenue of $500 million or more, then your keyword would be something like “[company name] New York City 500M+ revenue”.

To make sure you get 100% results from your search query, you would need to add “and” between each word in your query, i.e., “[company name] AND New York AND City AND 5MM+ revenue). This way every company listed in a result will meet all of these criteria at once!


In conclusion, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to find new connections and job opportunities. But using LinkedIn’s search tool is definitely more of an art than a science. There are so many advanced tools that you can use to optimize your searches and the best way to learn them is by experimenting with them yourself.

You can leverage it for finding jobs, recruiting people, and even finding investors! If you know how to use LinkedIn search, you can streamline your work functions and make it a ton easier for your endeavours!

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