July 11, 2024
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Discord Invisible Name And Avatar Guide

People who want to hide their name on discord must use a discord invisible name. For these people, it’s really an amazing idea. This invisible discord helps you to hide your name if you are wishing to do so. It is really helpful for those who are wishing to hide their name on discord. 

You guys know that whenever you sign up to discord you need to fill up your name but if you want to be hidden on discord then you can simply add discord blank name. That’s why whenever you are using any server no one can recognize your name on discord. But if you are not sure about how to hide your name on discord then I would love to help in this case.

What is the meaning of discord invisible name?

Discord invisible name means that person who joins discord but other people cannot get to know the name of such invisible discord name people. This kind of service is really helpful when someone does not wish to show their name on the server. This type of service is also used by people who love to create a fake identity. In such cases, people can simply use fake or blank name on the discord server and find amazing discord dating servers for your interest.

Advantages of using invisible discord name-

  • Your real identity get prevented from others if you wish to do such
  • You will get stand out from others.
  • Sometimes you may get considered as a hacker with an invisible identity.
  • Invisible identity gives you a unique identity as it looks unique.

Process of making discord name blank-

As we know that, if we want to sign up on discord server it always requires filling up your name, and if you leave it blank it would not help you out. Hence even if you want to keep it blank you need to make understand website that there is the presence of some text. For doing as such, you will need to use an invisible text generator.

This invisible text generator generates hidden text which is cannot be seen by other humans. But it gets read by the computer. This results in whenever you want to sign up for discord, you can simply paste a text from the invisible name.

Discord Invisible

We have many more options for invisible text generators. The most amazing part about this is that you can get access to most of the generators by just a Google search which is very helpful I must say. To make your job easier, I have selected some best and suitable websites for you.

To get an invisible discord name, we have to follow some simple steps which are given as follows-

According to my, this one is really an easy method that anyone can try without facing any kind of issue and trouble.

  • First step

In the beginning, you have to copy some symbol which eases your that is, it helps to create an invisible name on discord.

  • Second step

Once you are done with copying the symbol, you have to go to discord.com or you need to launch the discord app.

  • Third step

In this step, you have to go to the bottom of the screen where you should have to click on the setting icon which is seen near your username.

  • Fourth step

In this step, you have to click on the edit button where you can start editing your details.

  • Fifth step

In this step, you just have to paste the symbol which you have been already copied in the username field.

  • Sixth step

In this step, you just have to enter the password of your choice.

  • Seventh step

In this last step, finally, you have to save these settings and now you will be able to see your Invisible name on discord.

Doing this all settings, still, you can see some symbol at username; this is because there is no way to remove this symbol because you cannot keep the blank name on discord. But the best part about this symbol is that it is not truly visible to others.


So these all things we have to do for discord invisible name. By using given methods people can easily keep blank discord names. If still, you find any difficulty in getting an invisible name then you can try using Unicode generators and you can use Unicode as a username. It also works too well for you. Are you still using old discord? You must try better discord which is the best version of this regular discord.

Well, now it’s your choice to go forward and check out the methods and check whether it’s working well for you or not. Now if you are having any more questions regarding the invisible discord names then you can comment in the comment box.

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