May 18, 2024

Guerrilla Marketing for Businesses

Guerrilla marketing is a war between ingenuity, creativity and innovation. Here the great strategies of each brand will demonstrate all their skills and abilities, for example to win over and attract the target audience they want to conquer.

Guerrilla Marketing for Businesses

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Digital Guerrilla Marketing is a set of marketing strategies, tactics and techniques; where they are executed by unconventional means. The objective of this type of marketing is to show and transmit the message in the least expected place, with the great ingenuity, creativity and innovation of marketers. They can mark and leave a mark in the minds of consumers. This type of marketing can actually be more effective than conventional advertising that requires more investment. Guerrilla marketing depends a lot on ingenuity, and that will be the factor of the investment cost. There are guerrilla marketing campaigns that may not require any investment, however there are others that require a large investment to meet the objective.

The term Guerrilla Marketing was popularized in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson; in his book Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets to Making Big Profits From Your Small Business.

Characteristics of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Use of ingenuity, creativity and innovation in unconventional media.
  • Create a connection with consumers.
  • Focus on the mind of the consumer, understand the reason behind a need.
  • Show the human part of the brand and not focus directly on the product you want to sell.
  • Different marketing tools can be combined.
  • You can use different technologies of today and surprise consumers.
  • Using the digital media to viralize the message you want to convey.

Small Businesses Strike Back

Guerrilla Marketing in its early days was used more by small businesses. They did not have as much capital and budget to invest in communication media such as television, billboards, radio, newspapers, among others. This type of conventional advertising is very expensive, which is why small businesses began to create easy-to-share advertising, and in the least expected places. In order to transform a daily situation from day to day; to a unique experience that can be marked, in addition to remaining in the memory of the consumer. One of the things that was applied very often at the beginning of guerrilla marketing; it is while the cars were waiting for the traffic light; two people grabbed a poster of an advertisement, and were located on the grid. Of course this is a classic strategy; However, nowadays guerrilla marketing has become more and more sophisticated.

Benefits of guerrilla marketing for companies

It allows companies to project their message directly; as well as clear, fun, dynamic, creative, and unconventional.

  • Positioning in the mind of consumers.
  • It can be adapted to each community, culture, society and country.
  • It attracts and captures the attention of the target audience.
  • It helps you to further increase your community.
  • Great international reach.
  • Unique, innovative, creative and fun pieces.
  • Hard to forget.
  • Visual impact.

Disadvantages of Guerrilla Marketing for Businesses

  • Your idea can be taken and adapted by your big competitors.
  • Your campaign may not be accepted by your target audience.
  • Measuring this type of campaign is not very complete, due to the data it provides us.
  • It can be very expensive for the department’s current budget.
  • It can cause controversy, because of the message you want to convey.
  • Little time of life and duration of advertising.
  • You may have legal problems, depending on the idea you want to create.

Ingredients to create a successful guerrilla marketing

  • Creativity
  • Using unconventional media
  • Know the feelings of the public you want to direct
  • Apply psychology to create advertising that attracts and engages the user.
  • Have a clear, concise, and direct message.
  • Segment our target audience in detail
  • Carry out an initial market analysis.
  • Define the means of communication that will be used.
  • Define the strategies and techniques to be used.
  • A team with great experiences, creativity and not afraid to try and try new things.

Things you should not do in guerrilla marketing

As a company, organization or brand; We must have professional ethics. But not all brands comply with this, and within guerrilla marketing there are occasions that spy on and take the ideas of other brands. Therefore, within guerrilla marketing you should not do the following:

  • Copy and spy on your competition.
  • Damaging the work of the other brand.

Guerrilla Marketing on Social Media

Of course, in social networks, guerrilla marketing can also be carried out. This is also greatly influenced by creativity, in addition to how you manage the resources offered by browsers, tools, social networks, among others.

A classic guerrilla marketing that has been created by the great search engine Google, are the well-known Doodles. The good thing about this guerrilla marketing is that everything revolves around the branding of the brand, and the logo. This helps to position the brand more and more in the minds of consumers. Another way of carrying out guerrilla marketing is the option offered by the social network Facebook, called canvas and more today that can be used by any fan page.

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