July 12, 2024
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9 Ways To Reach Out To The Right Audience On Instagram Growth

Reaching the right audience is not just about setting your targets in the campaigns section. It is also about building your brand ethically so that the right people notice it and using the right marketing methodologies so that your organic reach gets a boost.

Increasing the reach calls for constant labor in terms of generating relevant content, interacting with your followers, and innovating at every step. Here are 9 things you can do to increase your reach.

1. Research and Understand Your Target Audience

Your target audience is the people who will be interested in your product and service. You cannot expect random people to follow you and stay connected for a long time. People who have connected to you for a like back or just to increase their flowers will leave you soon and will never bring you the much-needed moolah, directly or indirectly.

Take your time to research your target audience. Understand who out of 10 people in front of you will be interested in a long-term association and then proceed to create content according to them. Let’s understand this with an example. If you are a gym owner who likes to eventually bring in more footfalls, you have to connect to more and more fitness enthusiasts.

You cannot connect with every young person you come across. Young people between the age of 18-35 are a huge target to select and try to attract. Instead, narrow it down to youngsters, who like to exercise at least twice a week and also like to eat healthily. Once you are connected to such people, then you can start talking about a move in Pilates and share a picture of your breakfast plate.

2. Create a Content Strategy

Once you are ready with your audience and competitor research, it is time to create a content calendar. A content calendar does not mean creating date-wise posts for the whole month. It is just a part of the deal. You have to also focus on researching your posts, maintaining your brand name, and constantly push to improvise the quality of your content. It is really not enough to come up with a post every day or every week. The point is to bring value to the fore and give your audience important content that they will love visually and literally.

Before you schedule your content for the month, make sure that your content brings some value to your follower’s life, looks the part, and gives a flow to your online presence. Plus, once you start rolling, you have to keep up the game day after day, you cannot afford to drop the ball. Space out your content, take time to plan interactions, and yes, click beautiful photos. On Instagram, people eat with their eyes and can increase your reach by simple word-of-mouth publicity.

3. Connect With Similar Businesses

It always helps to connect with people who are doing the same thing as you are, whose business is an extension of yours. Again, let’s understand with the gym owner example. If you are a gym owner, you should connect with gym instructors, other fitness centers, and related businesses like a brand that sells organic vegetables or a business that deals in vegan food boxes. Connecting with these people will make you visible to their clients, and you stand a great chance that their clients will become your clients with time.

Collaborating with businesses that deal with healthy food items can also bring you customers with with-of-mouth publicity and organic visibility. Moreover, a person who sells organic vegetables will very much like to sell his vegetables to your customers. So, talk to them, connect, and collaborate, if possible. And do not forget to like and comment everywhere you go. Yes, it is time-consuming, but yields result in every single time.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

No, we are not talking about a flood of hashtags, which makes people scratch their heads and wonder when they will reach your tagline. By relevant hashtags, we mean a few selected keywords that are directly related to your post. Instagram allows a total of 30 hashtags on every post, but you do not need to use this limit to the maximum. Use fewer and better-researched hashtags that clearly reflect your content and relate to what you are trying to say. According to Insta experts, 7-10 hashtags should do the job for you. They will make you discoverable to people who are looking for your topic/genre.

5. Promote your Instagram Handle on Other Platforms

You can market yourself by talking about your Instagram handle on other platforms with the potential to reach a large audience. Your Facebook page can become your tool to reach a huge number of people who do not know you on Instagram. Facebook comes with a widget that allows you to embed your Instagram feed on this platform. You can also create posts that will take your Facebook audience to your Instagram page. Say, for example, announce a photo challenge for your audience and ask them to share their latest workout pictures with you on your Instagram handle. Smart! right?

6. Use Tagging and Geolocation

If you are talking about a celebrity you have collaborated with, or you had a chance to be at a famous place, you can reap in on their popularity. Tag the celebrity in your post and let your audience drool over some astounding pictures, and you are all set to increase your reach as well as engagement.

Use geotagging for famous locations so that you can instantly catch the attention of your audience. Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to showing off. You have to sing your own praises and take advantage of everything that can create hype and make your brand the talk of the town. Also, let your followers know that they can share your content, but they have to tag you, at all times.

7. Use Filters and Other Features

Instagram is all about looks. If you can click killer pictures, you will sell your product/service. Invest some time in learning the nuances of the platform. Make use of filters, use the story feature, and do more than what Instagram can offer you organically. Yes, it is important to create a beautifully created feed, but you should not neglect the power of spontaneous and unedited content. Experiment with fun features, introduce a new style, and do more with features like stickers and face masks.

If we talk about the gym owner example, you can post random photos of the “gym fails” to make your audience laugh and relate to you. You might as well rake in more comments on a photo of you tumbling on a treadmill than a photo of your six-pack.

8. Interact With Your Audience

Talk to your audience. Create interactive posts that will help you engage with your followers and will influence non-followers enough to make them think about you. Create fun polls, start competitions, or simply create a new hashtag and ask people to contribute to them. All these options will propagate your brand name far and beyond and will get more people interested in what you are saying.

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9. Make Videos

Instagram comes with a precious option of making videos. Use it as an opportunity to talk to your audience. You need not make professional videos. Use a free tool like InVideo to make cool videos like sharing a new Yoga pose, show a gym fail or share your knowledge on a particular subject.

How will a video help you? Well, it has been proven that people love to watch videos on social media platforms. Videos fall in an easy content format that gains popularity quickly and also goes viral easily. What’s better than a viral video to increase your reach and brand identity?


Advertising on Instagram price is huge, with a lot of zeroes. Before you go there and break your bank to bring in the audience, increase your reach organically. Do the Insta gig right, and you may not have to spend a single penny.

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