July 11, 2024
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Becoming a Local Guide: Understanding Google Maps’ Program and Its Benefits

In today’s world, Google Maps has changed how we find our way. We don’t need paper maps anymore. Now, we use our smartphones to get directions, find new places, and learn about interesting spots nearby. But did you know you can help make Google Maps better for everyone? That’s where becoming a Local Guide comes in! Let’s talk about what it means to be a Local Guide, how you can join, and the good things it brings.

Local Guide

What Is The Google Local Guide Program?

The Google Local Guide program is a community effort where users add useful details to Google Maps and Google Business Profiles. Being a Local Guide lets you earn points for each thing you add. This helps you move up through the program’s levels and earn badges that show what you know.

Points, Levels & Badges

  • Write a review – 10 points
  • Write a 200+ character review – 20 points
  • Rate a business – 1 point
  • Upload a photo – 5 points
  • Tag a photo – 3 points
  • Upload a video – 7 points
  • Respond to Q&As – 3 points
  • Edit information – 5 points
  • Add a place – 15 points
  • Add a road – 15 points
  • Check a fact – 1 point
  • Publish an eligible list – 10 points
  • Write a description (in the list) – 5 points

As you collect points, you’ll progress through various levels, starting from Level 1 with 0 points up to Level 10 with 100,000 points. Each level unlocks new privileges and badges, showcasing your contributions to the community.

How To Become A Google Maps Local Guide

Google Maps Local Guide?

Becoming a Local Guide is simple and accessible to anyone with a Google account. Here’s how you can get started:

Sign Up: Visit the Google Maps Local Guides sign-up page and register. There’s no application process or specific requirement; you just need to agree to the program’s Terms and Conditions.

Contribute: Once you’ve signed up, start contributing to Google Maps by adding reviews, and photos, answering questions, and providing accurate information about places in your area.

Level Up: As you continue to contribute, you’ll earn points and progress through different levels of the Local Guide program, earning badges and recognition for your efforts.

How To Join The Google Local Guides Program

How To Join The Google Local Guides Program

Becoming a part of the Google Local Guides program is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1- Visit the Google Local Guides signup page and click on “Get Started.”

Step 2- Enter the name of your city and click on “Become a Local Guide.”

Step 3- Start earning points by making contributions to Google Maps. Every place that you review, photograph, add, edit, or provide additional info for on Google Maps earns you points towards unlocking something new.

In the dashboard, like the one shown above, you can keep track of your points and progress towards the next level.

If you allow Google to view your location history, you’ll receive recommendations of places to review based on where you’ve been. However, it’s not necessary to turn on location history tracking to participate in Local Guides. You can always look up locations manually and contribute to them.

By following these simple steps, you can become an active participant in the Google Local Guides program and start contributing to the wealth of information available on Google Maps.

Benefits Of Being A Google Maps Local Guide

Being a Local Guide comes with numerous benefits and rewards:

  • Community Recognition: Your contributions are recognized by the Google Maps community, and your badges showcase your expertise as a local guide.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: High-level Local Guides may receive invitations to Google Local Guide Summits and gain early access to new Google features.
  • Profile Badges: As you progress through the program, you’ll earn profile badges that distinguish you as a trusted contributor on Google Maps.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Contributing to Google Maps allows you to share your local knowledge, help others discover new places, and contribute to a global community effort.

FAQs About Being A Local Guide

Q: Is being a Local Guide a paid position?

A: No, being a Local Guide is voluntary, and there is no monetary compensation for contributions.

Q: How much time do I need to commit to being a Local Guide?

A: The time commitment is flexible, and you can contribute as much or as little as you’d like.

Q: Can anyone become a Local Guide?

A: Yes, anyone with a Google account can sign up to be a Local Guide and start adding information to Google Maps.

Q: Are there guidelines for contributions?

A: Yes, contributors must adhere to Google’s guidelines to ensure accuracy and helpfulness in their contributions.

Q: What happens if I violate the terms of the Local Guide program?

A: Violating the program’s terms and conditions may result in suspending or terminating your Local Guide account.


Becoming a Google Maps Local Guide is a chance to improve the experience for many users and show off your local knowledge. It’s also a way to be part of a worldwide effort. Whether you love finding new places or suggesting them to others, being a Local Guide lets you make a real difference. Don’t wait! Join the Local Guides community today and begin exploring, adding your input, and connecting with people worldwide through Google Maps!

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