May 17, 2024
Sleeve Boxes

Multiple Types of Fabrications Available in Custom Sleeve Boxes Production

Why We Use Custom Sleeve Boxes?

Custom sleeve boxes, also called belly bands are a type of design used in product packaging. It is one of the most popular packagings of gifts and food items.

It refers to a piece of paper wrapped around an object (jar, box, or soap) and helps you brand it without using a printed box and hence saving costs. A sleeve box can be customized just like any other box, leaving room for branding elements and product information.

The custom sleeve boxes are used everywhere because they can be used for almost any purpose and product type. This provides a brand with some maneuvering space for experimenting as well as saves the cost of production. They play a very important part in the developing world where you need to save costs as well as provide appealing and attractive packaging.

Sleeve box packaging has a great artistic appeal and attracts the attention of buyers.

Fabrication Quality

When it comes to product packaging, quality is of paramount importance to every company and its customers. The better the quality is the better volume of sales a company can generate. The custom sleeve boxes have an added advantage when it comes to their packaging quality. The sudden boom in custom sleeve box usage is due to their cost-effectiveness and supreme quality.

Material Fabrication plays an important part in the grooming and presentation quality of a product’s packaging. When it comes to custom sleeve boxes their packaging fields a very strong quality thanks to professional fabrication used in their manufacturing. People give high preference to quality over quantity and sleeve box packaging has got you covered in that department.

The best material suitable for sleeve boxes is cardboard sheets. Boxes made of cardboard sheets are called custom cardboard boxes. Sleeve boxes use cardboard fabrication for their sleeve bands which are both strong and durable. The structural features such as durability and integrity both make them ideal for custom packaging.

They can sport a wide variety of digital prints that makes them one of a kind. Custom sleeve boxes can have many creative and innovative ideas for digital prints, patterns, and colors which make them a quality addition to the gift packaging industry.

Material Cost Effectiveness

The custom sleeve box packaging is highly cost-effective due to its material fabrication. The cardboard sheets used to make them are very light yet strong which makes them perfect for long-haul shipping and delivery. This saves you a lot of costs in their shipping, security, handling, and protection. They can withstand rough handling and conditions all the while protecting the product inside. When they hit the shelves in supermarkets or gift shops the product is as fresh as new.

In custom sleeve boxes, the cost-savvy factor also plays an important part in their production. The manufacturing cost is highly reduced thanks to cardboard material. When a company orders a bulk shipment, it saves them enormous expenditure which can be spent elsewhere such as product quality and its marketing.

Printing and Design

The custom sleeve boxes use cardboard material for their packaging which has a big list of benefits. This material allows for molding into various shapes and sizes and can enhance the gift outlook and customer impression. The unique and lovely gift packages attract the customer to make a purchase and increase a company’s market share.

The cardboard sheet material allows for flexibility in design and digital prints. It can accommodate a huge range of color combinations and patterns to increase custom boxes wholesale beauty and attractiveness.

Cardboard packaging also enables large options for different trendy digital prints hence giving the company better planning for product design and its marketing campaign.

In addition to color patterns and digital printing, you can also use beautiful and unique add-ons on the packaging thanks to the cardboard material flexibility. You can use ribbon decorations, colorful strings decorations, beautiful mini cartoon toys, small-item decorations, and sometimes embroidery can also be used to sports some trendy and eye-catchy gift packaging.

For example, for one of our clients, we created a beautiful red and green colored checkered printed sleeve box packaging, with a mini Santa figure suspended from the top and an artificial leaf topping. It was a huge success for their product during Christmas and such was its appeal especially among younger shoppers that those who didn’t even need it still bought the products for the sake of its packaging reflected as a perfect Christmas gift. It was an indeed very merry Christmas success story.

Environment-Friendly Fabrication

The custom sleeve boxes material is considered one of the best examples of eco-friendly production. With the concerning global warming and threatening climate change, both company and its customers are concerned about it. The cardboard sheets used for custom sleeve boxes offer an outstanding opportunity to contribute to our climate and reduce pollution.

Cardboards are known for their recycling, re-usability, and bio-degradability. In today’s world, it is not only needed but is a collective responsibility and ethics of companies to shift to more eco-friendly manufacturing measures and the cardboard custom sleeve boxes are the first step toward this beautiful journey.

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