May 18, 2024
Reasons Why You Should Embed Airbnb Reviews on Your Website

Reasons Why You Should Embed Airbnb Reviews on Your Website

Airbnb is a marketplace where people find homestays, hotel stays for tourism purposes.

One can also rent out their place to someone who is looking for accommodations in their locales. This is an easy and stress-free way to earn some extra money from your property.

Airbnb reviews are a great way to gain new customers and exposure they are one of the most important factors in consumers’ buying decisions making process.

Customers use reviews at the end of the sales funnel, once they have what they want. Product or service reviews help them to make the final decision.

As Zig Ziglar once said, Stop selling. Start helping.

In order to be your customers’ favorite, you need to help them first. Helping them establishes a deep relationship with them. Reviews are an accurate way to help your customers. This is because feedback is representative of all consumers. Every customer might not post a review but they might agree with the reviews on your website.

In this blog, we are going to explore the reasons why you should embed Airbnb reviews on website.

Boosts trust in your services

Sharing reviews on your website is an efficient way to establish transparency in your business.

Not only five-star reviews but also three-star reviews can help you to form a trust-based relationship with your customer. In fact, showing three-star reviews will help your target customers to understand that, every feedback matters to you and you are constantly working to improve your services.

You can also show the three-star reviews on your website and present a case study of what improvement you have made based on that review or feedback.

Helps in buying decision-making process

Consumers love when they feel heard.

Reviews do not always involve positive feedback, it also includes negative feedback. This negative feedback will help you to recognize the problem of your business and help you improve. This will make the customers feel that their problems are being heard and the conversation is not one-sided.

And eventually, this will shorten the buying decision duration.

Improved the SEO Positioning

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first, says, Wendy Piersall.

While there are a lot of factors that improve SEO positioning, reviews are one of the contributing factors that affect the searchability of your content. Customer feedback is supposed to contain more keywords that are relevant to your business. This helps Google gain a clear picture of your business, which later on enables it to position better rank on the Search Engine Result Page.

However, you should avoid having crafted reviews. A fake review will hamper the image of your brand.

An honest review comes off as more credible

Provides social proof

A review is the best form of social proof. The basic idea of social proof is that anyone can be persuaded by the reviews or feedback about your product they read online.

Reviews help you to shape consumers’ perceptions and brand reputation. Rather than convincing your target customers to buy your product, it is better to place reviews on your website. It acts as social proof and serves as a factor to determine what to think about a business.

Adds new content to your Website

Bounce rates are a headache for any website owner. Sometimes a high bounce rate is because of poor user experience. You can also customize the look of your website using social media aggregator tools. These tools also help you to embed Airbnb review widgets.

Adding reviews to your website will add more content to your website. This will help your visitors to engage with your website and know about your business in just a few clicks.

Where to display your reviews?

  • Sidebar of your website
  • Product or service page
  • Embed a carousel post
  • Add them to your menu
  • Prepare a gallery of best reviews

How to embed Airbnb reviews on your website?

You can use any social media aggregator tool to easily embed Airbnb on your website. These tools have usually no code process. They also allow their users to customize the entire appearance of the widget. This will give an eye-pleasing look to your website and as a result, the visitors will spend more time on your site.


Before embedding Airbnb review widget to your website, you need to have enough reviews to flaunt.

This can only be done by giving them a great service. You can always establish a relationship with your customers by acknowledging their reviews.

Have clear communication with your customers as this will make them heard by your business.

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