July 11, 2024
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How To Get An RSS Feed For Reddit Buildapcsales

Reddit is one of the giant social networks. Reddit provides so much great content. You can follow almost anything within your favourite from the RSS Feed For Reddit Buildapcsales reader.

What is Reddit?

It is a social network for sharing articles, images, and discussing topics in specialised forums. Users rate their content by up- or downvoting posts. Then Posts with higher votes are ranked higher and get more exposure.

Subreddits means the content is organised in user-created boards. It covers all manner of topics, like news, politics, sports, lifestyle, fashion, technology, politics, image sharing, music, books, fitness, nutrition, health, and much more.

Some of the subreddits are great but Reddit is terrible. RSS feeds can get the job done If you’d like to keep track of particular communities, but never want to open Reddit dot com in a tab ever again.


Reddit offers RSS feeds for every page you open, also allows you to subscribe to them with the RSS reader of your choice or even integrate things with other services. And to get start is not so easy.

Get an RSS Feed for Reddit Buildapcsales or Conversation

First Head to any subreddit then takes a look at the URL. We can use the best community on the site as a starting point.

Add “RSS” to the end of the URL to access the RSS feed. This can work with and without the final slash.

URL if you depending on your browser Open, it may look messy.

Add "RSS" to the end of the URL to access the RSS feed

You can also add RSS to the end of any Reddit URL. For example, if you’re an access user for punishment, you could subscribe to http://reddit.com/r/all.rss and see way too much content.

You can also subscribe to individual conversations you have to add .rss to the end of a post’s URL and you’ve got a working RSS feed.

Track All Reddit Links to Any Domain With RSS

It’s relatively simple to see every post on Reddit to a particular domain you just head to reddit.com/domain/ followed the domain of the website. This information is not known to everyone. http://www.reddit.com/domain/howtogeek.com this will show you every post linked to this website.

You can also combine this trick with the RSS trick. It allows you to keep track of every time a particular domain is linked to it without having to actually open Reddit.

This can be helpful like you can run a website and want to keep track of Reddit links if only to find out where that sudden surge of traffic came from.

Step 1: First Head over to any subreddit then take a look at the URL of the subreddit Buildapcsales at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Then try adding RSS to the end of the URL.

Step 3: Try to open a URL. It can look complicated.

Step 4: But this is your RSS feed which you can use anywhere you want.

Track All Reddit Links to Any Domain With RSS

Then you can put the language that your feed readers like your Feedly, or your other desktop feed readers like Feedbin can only understand.


The popular subreddits can use Reddit limits on how much bandwidth  Feedly doesn’t work great with feeds.

You can use some of your other desktop feed readers.

You just have to add .rss to the back of any URL on Reddit then you get your RSS feed.

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You can add individual conversations on Reddit as well you Just add .rss to the back of a post’s URL and you will get your RSS feed.

Bonus Tip 

With RSS You can track all Reddit links to any domain

If you own a website and you want to know all the articles that are posted by others on your website or if you want to follow a website and all of its articles that are posted on Reddit This is a useful way.

You can get minute to minute notifications by Combining the RSS trick in your feed reader of everything on your website of interest.   For that, you have to follow some steps they are as follows.

Step 1: You head over to reddit.com/domain/  which the domain is the website of your interest then you can see all the articles of that particular website.


Step 2: To the back of the URL add your RSS.

Here is one more site included in Plenary’s RSS Assistant for example Google News. Select your own region and language of your own choice. Then you can select a topic you’d like to follow. Plenary will create the appropriate RSS feed for you.

Video Tutorial:

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