July 12, 2024

Significance Of Gudi Padwa Festival, Celebration And Foods Eaten

Gudi Padwa: From significance to popular foods, everything you need to know about

Gudi Padwa festival,

Gudi Padwa, additionally called Samvatsar Padvo will fall on April 02 this year 2022. It is commended on the principal day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu schedule and is additionally the primary day of the new year for individuals of Maharashtra and the Konkan district. Peruse on to know the importance, history, festivities and famous food things arranged on Gudi Padwa.

Significance of Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa

The name Gudi Padwa is made utilizing two words-‘Gudi’, and that implies banner or image of Lord Brahma and ‘Padwa’ which implies the primary day of the period of the moon. Rabi crops are procured after this celebration as it likewise means the appearance of the spring season.

​History of Gudi Padwa


According to Hindu folklore, it is said that on this day Lord Brahma made the universe. It is additionally said that Lord Brahma further made the idea of days, weeks, long stretches of time upon the arrival of Gudi Padwa. The celebration is called Ugadi in South India and is viewed as the main day of the production of the universe.

For this reason Lord Brahma is loved on this day. Gudi Padwa additionally represents Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana.

The celebration remembers the festivals accomplished for Lord Rama after his re-visitation of Ayodhya in the wake of finishing 14 years of exile.

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