June 15, 2024
Google Customer Reviews Examples

Google Customer Reviews Examples That Worth A Try

We all can agree that reviews are essential for the business. It helps consumers make their purchasing decisions while it helps businesses know their reception and reputation in the marketplace.

While it is important to have reviews, it is equally important to showcase them to customers. And while showcasing the reviews, showing them in presentable ways certainly helps in various ways. Therefore in this blog, we have listed Google customer reviews examples that you should try while opting to display Google reviews on your website.

Google review widget works like a functional block on the website, providing users an easy to display Google reviews on the website. Various tools in the market are readily available and provide a dedicated Google review widget. By following some simple steps, you can easily embed Google review widget on websites with the help of these tools.

Alongside easing the embedding process, these tools also provide some amazing layouts. Of course, you can choose the one that best suits your style. But the following mentioned Google reviews examples are worth a try.

Best Google Reviews Examples for Your Business

Google review widget helps to display customer reviews examples on websites, so why not showcase them in style. And these examples might help you in achieving that style. So without any further ado, let’s learn about them.

1. Review Carousel

Carousel style display is quite popular and has made a name in the social media landscape. One of the major reasons for carousel-style display’s success is that viewers can view the content with ease and focus on one at a time. Moreover, they can swipe for more content. Hence, the uploaded can display the content while viewers can have a great view of each content.

You can use the Review Carousel to display Google reviews examples on the website, and display ample reviews at one go. And as your website visitors have the option to view one review at one time, it helps them understand the product and brand and eventually make their purchase decision.

2. Testimonial Slider (Classical Carousel)

One of the best ways to display reviews on the website is by using the Testimonial slider. The testimonial slider showcases the ratings and reviews of your product/brand in rectangular boxes and your visitors can read multiple reviews at once.

Reading multiple reviews can help the reader form an opinion related to the product and develop familiarity with it.

3. Review Box

Another amazing Google reviews widget example to display reviews on the website is by using the Review box theme. You can use this theme to display Google reviews related to your brand and prove your credibility. It shows the reviews in the form of a square box.

It allows users to showcase reviews and ratings at one go. So even if consumers are in a hurry, then even by looking at the rating, they can make their decision and understand the reception and reputation of the product/brand.

4. Widget (Sidebar)

Another popular style to display Google reviews on a website is – the sidebar widget. The sidebar widget can fit anywhere on the screen and any webpage. It takes less space – is one of the major reasons for the popularity of this theme.

So, you visitors can learn about the product and read reviews about the product by staying on the same page. It helps the visitors make their purchase decision and eventually purchase the product they intend to. Moreover, sidebar widget, like other types of layout, does not take any loading time, and showcases the reviews without hampering the speed of your website.

5. List View

It is pretty similar to the Review box theme in many ways, but the major difference is that list views showcase the reviews in a vertical format. Your visitors can see the ratings and feedback at once.

List view has excellent potential to add beauty to your website and helps you in converting your target customers into your customers.

Benefits of adding Google reviews examples on website

So now you are well aware of some of the best ways to display Google review widget on the website. Adding Google reviews on websites is an intelligent marketing strategy as it provides some fantastic benefits that can take your business to the next level. Out of these benefits, here are some of the major benefits of this strategy.

  • Improves brand credibility
  • Makes the website engaging and interactive
  • Reduces bounce rate of the website
  • Creates a review circle
  • Helps to convert visitors into customers


Comprehensive surveys, research, and statistics show that reviews greatly influence consumers’ buying decisions. So, if your potential customers are searching for reviews related to your brand, why not ease their task and provide them with all the reviews on the website. So, use the above examples and convert your potential customers into your customers.

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