May 17, 2024
Ecommerce Trends

Top Ecommerce Trends to Follow in 2022

Ecommerce has revolutionized the retail industry. The eCommerce landscape has changed dramatically and simplified shopping online for the customers today. In only the beginning, eCommerce was limited in its capabilities. However, this is not the case today.

Think about it: incredible customization, better return policies and integration, and all other innovative changes in eCommerce have enabled it to take over the world by storm. So to say that eCommerce will only multiply and was born to stay.

Plus, user-friendly eCommerce platforms like Shopify make it even easier to create an online presence and start selling online in 2022. To take advantage of these popular eCommerce trends today, all you need is a trusted Shopify development company.

The Importance of Following eCommerce Trend

Ecommerce is getting competitive by the day. To be able to defend your position, it is necessary to watch the trends closely and continually and charge head on to be successful. It doesn’t matter how popular you are in the industry. Unless you are in competition with the big leagues, you’ll be at a significant disadvantage if you don’t follow the trends.

Here are some top eCommerce trends that are a must follow in 2022.

Trend 1: Voice Shopping

Since the surge in voice search and AI-powered personal assistants, the trend of searching and purchasing a product is done through smart speakers. Voice Shopping, therefore, has become one of the leading eCommerce trends destined to only achieve greatness in the upcoming years.

Consider this: research from Statista claims that the volume of voice shopping is measured up to $40 billion in 2022. The numbers clearly show that adopting voice shopping will only benefit a business trying to land a prominent position in the market.

Voice Commerce helps people to interact with businesses and receive recommendations according to their search. A fantastic example of a business adopting voice search is Amazon. 41% of its clients have shown interest in its new function where they can purchase their preferred goods simply with Amazon’s Alexa.

So, if you want to make your store more interactive, try using Voice Commerce!

Trend 2: Personalized Marketing/ Products

Speaking of 2022, personalization is one element of a good eCommerce store that you cannot forget!

Reports from McKinsey show that 80% of the customers want a personalized experience when they come to an eCommerce platform. Simply put, they are willing to pay the price to a company that offers personalized products and better promotions to meet their requirements.

It is not a lie to say that personalization doesn’t only work for better customer experience and sales. It also contributes to building brand loyalty in the long term.

Trend 3: Social Commerce 

Social media has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Besides engaging and connecting with others on social media, people also use the platform to browse for the required products.

In 2021, a rise in social media as a sales tool was seen observed. China took the opportunity to set the trend of social Commerce, amounting to $351.65 billion only in 2021.

Social media has many platforms that allow users to make purchases without having to leave the app to support merchants in sales and marketing via social media.

Trend 4: Multiple Payment Methods 

Every customer has different needs, especially when it comes to payment methods. The fact is, they are likely to cancel the order if they don’t find a suitable payment method. Using multiple payment methods can reduce cart abandonment and increase consumer engagement with the shopping platform.

Besides that, your customers should be able to save their payment information on your site so they can speed up their checkout process for the next purchase.

Since COVID 19 and the need for social distancing and exposure limits, the demand for touch-free payments and digital payments has become the trend. Therefore, the need for multiple payment methods has become a necessity for eCommerce businesses today.

Thus, by taking advantage of Shopify development services or other platforms offering a broad spectrum of payment methods, it can get easier to make shopping easier for the shoppers.

Trend 5: Video Commerce 

The matter of fact is that people are becoming lazier at reading written content and descriptions. This raises the requirement of engaging videos that efficiently and creatively showcases the product.

Videos containing both sound and image offer a vivid view of the product, ultimately improving the conversion rates.

Today, TikTok is among the most famous platforms for young people that use short-form videos to inform consumers of what’s new in the market. In the same way, there are Snapchat, Instagram reels and Facebook stories that are also widely used for marketing the product and engaging the audience to click.

How do Store Owners Keep up with the eCommerce Trends?

1. In-depth marketing analysis

Investing in some of the above eCommerce trends requires an understanding of the relationship between them and the business. With competitive market research and your target audience can assist you in developing winning strategies for your business.

2. Investigate your competitors

To achieve success in a business, the first step is competitive analysis. Consider analyzing their distinguishing characteristics and innovative ideas they apply to their business. It can help you cut through the noise and make space through the crowd in the eCommerce industry.

3. Keep an eye on the industry influencers

Subscribe to blogs and industry publications to stay up-to-date with the future trends of the eCommerce market. It can provide you with a macro view of the industry.

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