June 15, 2024
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Here Are 9 Fun Ways To Recreate Music Videos On YouTube

YouTube is immensely popular across the world. Billions of people watch it every day. So, it is vital to make a channel if you wish to get a lot of people following you and your work.

For musically inclined people, this is an excellent platform to reach out to more people and make them interested in your effort and music. If you want to get more views on videos on youtube, but also you need to respond to viewer comments, and create more video playlists.

But to pick the best is a challenge out of so many formats for making exciting music videos. No more confusion! Nine fun and interesting ways have been shared in this article.

9 Ways To Recreate Music Videos

Here are the nine fun ways that will help you to remake/recreate music videos.

Making Music Videos

This is the obvious choice. If you are a musician, make some music videos to attract music lovers. The budget is not a factor for creating splendid videos, quality and creativity do matter. There are some amazing video editing tools that can work as a YouTube video creator. how many videos are on youtube

Share the Journey with the Viewers

You can share the effort you are putting into becoming a better musician, which the audience will love to know. It can even motivate aspiring musicians. You can share the writing process, practice sessions, your favorite place for music practice, recording scenes, poster making, choosing gears, and what happens backstage.

The viewers will get an idea about the whole process, and they will enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes. You can use an online slideshow maker to catch different moods and phases.

Share Some of Your Traits Through Interviews

People are always curious about the real person behind the persona whom they know for their work. You can reveal some of your habits and characteristics to let them know how you are as a person.

Even if you have been interviewed on TV, you can make one, especially for YouTube, and you can also upload the old interview video.

Live Performance

If you want to increase the craze about your shows, you can share the videos of live performances. The previous video clippings, along with the details of the upcoming shows, will add to the count. If they like your performances, you will become popular at lightning speed.

Great videos will increase the number of subscribers and, consequently, the number of your fans. Isn’t it great?

Include promo videos to inform the spectators about an upcoming live show, new music launch, or a new album. It will surely boost up your fan following.

Live Performance

And you can also watch funny videos on youtube there. You can easily use this video if the owner of the video is cool.

Interactive Videos

Making interactive videos is a great way to get your fans more involved in your channel. You can choose the videos and link them to other related ones to build a full-fledged story with various outcomes.

It would be an adventure for them, and this is indeed a fun exercise that will also help to increase the number of video views remarkably.

Another effective way to get connected with your fans is to request them to sing the cover versions of the songs they love. Compile them and add them to a different playlist dedicating to the viewers.

Interactive Videos

Furthermore, you can add the clippings of fan meets and thank them for the love and blessings they shower on you. This will create a strong bonding between the musician and music lovers.

Music Mixing

This is probably the most difficult part of the video. Share the videos on YouTube to show the subscribers how you do the editing to bring clarity.

With the screen flows, describe what you are doing in each step. Include your voice to explain and to touch their hearts so that they will realize how much hard work is involved in a popular music video.

This will inspire thousands of youths who dream of becoming musicians. They can see how the videos are being created.

Lyric Video

This is extremely popular, especially among aspiring musicians, as the video includes the lyrics. Your fans can sing while playing the video. This will help them to memorize the lyrics so that they can play karaoke with your music.

Furthermore, you will have a wonderful experience in your next show, after including lyric video on the channel.

Lyric Video

The viewers will get more involved in your live performances as they can sing along with you. You will feel motivated like never before because fans are the best inspiration for any performer. When they take an active part in your show by clapping and singing, you will feel out of the world.


Get some of your funny incidents, frustrating moments, and compile them to make a video that represents the other sides of you. The viewers will enjoy it to the fullest as they can relate themselves.

Such funny moments will not only inspire your fans, but you will also enjoy this when you’re going through tremendous pressure. This will act as the stress-buster when you would feel low.

And of course from the ups and downs, mistakes of their favorite star, people will learn not to give up however difficult the situation is.

And also our Youtube guide here helps you build your Youtube channel from scratch, give your audience the content they want to see, and you can make money from there.

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Use the platform to make announcements. I am not talking about promotional announcements that I mentioned earlier.

You can share the experience of any achievements, your birthday planning, wedding anniversary, and upcoming trips – anything you feel worthy of sharing with the fans. You can even share any sad event like the loss of your close relative.

The Live Question-Answer section is also interesting. You can answer questions about your personal and professional life to your fans and ask them to write their opinion and questions in the comment section. This will help you to remain connected with the viewers, and they will know you better.


There are various other ways of making music videos more interesting. Since you are a creative person, you can blend other innovative ideas to make it more exciting and something out of the conventional track.

I hope these simple tips will be helpful, and you would cultivate more ideas for a grander output.

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