July 12, 2024
iPhone Apps Keep Crashing

Why Do My iPhone Apps Keep Crashing? Here’s The Fix

Your iPhone apps have started crashing randomly, and you’re frustrated! There are many reasons why your iPhone apps might be crashing, but luckily the solution to the problem is usually quite simple. In this guide I’ll explain why iPhone apps crash and how to fix it, so that you can keep using your favorite programs without worries.

Here’s what you can do if your apps keep crashing

iPhone Apps Keep Crashing

According to App Advice, it seems that apps can start crashing when a user deletes too many photos at once. The iPhone device then has to work harder when it tries to create and save images. If users try to use an app right after they’ve deleted multiple photos, they’ll likely encounter problems with performance. So how do you fix iPhone apps that keep crashing? You may want to limit your photo deletion if you want your devices running smoothly and if you’re an avid photo taker or photo streamer. This won’t prevent issues entirely but will give your iPhone enough time to clear up memory and keep things running smoothly.

Step 1: Check to see if there are any updates available

Check to see if there are any updates available

iPhone apps are updated frequently by their developers. And, with each update comes a slew of fixes, tweaks and improvements that can help your iPhone app run more smoothly on your phone. So, when you notice your iPhone app crashing repeatedly, check for updates to see if it’s an easy fix. You can check for updates manually by opening up Settings and clicking on iTunes & App Store. Look through your App Store Apps section to see if there’s an available update or if Apple prompts you to update immediately. 

Step 2: Restart your device

Restart your device iPhone

iPhone apps crashing, sometimes it can be as simple as just turning your iPhone off and then back on again. This will clear out any temporary memory that could be causing issues. It’s like booting up a computer when it freezes and resets issues on a Mac or PC.

Step 3: Disable some apps

To do that, go to Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings (alternatively you can press Home button + Sleep/Wake button + power button simultaneously). Step 6: Restart your iPhone. Step 7: After restarting, after 5 minutes or so, reset your iPhone back to factory default: To do that, go to Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings (alternatively you can press Home button + Sleep/Wake button + power button simultaneously). Step 8: Restart your iPhone. Step 9: Now restore from a backup or set up as new on your phone. That should solve 99% of all problems with apps crashing on iPhone.

Step 4: Update your software again

If you’re seeing iPhone apps crash frequently, an easy (and common) solution is to update your phone’s software. Head to Settings > General > Software Update and tap Download and Install. This may be a simple fix to get your iPhone back up and running smoothly.

Step 5: Reset your settings back to factory default

Navigate to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings. If you’ve set up passcode protection, enter your device’s passcode before tapping Reset All Settings again. This will erase all of your settings and data from apps such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Safari bookmarks and more. You’ll need to re-enter them later when you log back into these apps after resetting your iPhone or iPad. In addition to erasing all of your settings, resetting will also delete any downloaded content like music or videos that aren’t stored in iCloud. This is a last resort for fixing Apps keep crashing iPhone but it can be effective if an app has become corrupted or is causing problems with other apps on your iPhone or iPad.

5 Methods to Fix the Issue of Your iPhone Apps Crashing

iPhone Apps Keep Crashing

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably experienced apps crashing before. If you’re like most people, that can be really frustrating, especially if it happens all the time or with certain apps only. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix this issue if it’s happening to you so that your apps stop crashing on your iPhone again and again. Here are 5 methods to fix the issue of your iPhone apps crashing.

1) Update Your iOS

If you’re facing issues with an iPhone app crashing or freezing, head over to Apple’s App Store and update your iOS. You may need a new version for one or more apps in order for them to work properly. It can be tough—and frustrating—to deal with glitches like these, but by making sure your phone is running up-to-date software, you can give yourself the best chance at a solution.

2) Reboot Your iPhone

We all know rebooting your computer will usually fix software problems, and iPhone apps crashing is no different. If you’re getting constant app crashes, try simply turning off your iPhone for a few minutes and then turn it back on. This could help clear out some memory on your device, which can help prevent or at least lessen app crashes. If you’re still experiencing trouble after rebooting, it might be time to contact Apple Support.

3) Reset All Settings

iPhone users often report that resetting all settings fixes iPhone apps from crashing. To reset your settings, navigate to: Settings – General – Reset – Reset All Settings. If you’re unable to navigate or do not see Reset All Settings, restart your device in safe mode (hold down Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds) then try again.

4) Erase All Content and Settings

Sometimes all you need is a fresh start. If your iPhone apps are crashing, erasing all your content and settings might be enough to resolve it. This step will remove all apps from your phone; make sure you’ve backed up everything before beginning! Once you’ve erased all content and settings, start with step one below.

5) Restore from Backup

The first thing you can do is restore your iPhone from a backup. If you recently backed up, chances are you haven’t lost much, if anything at all. If you’re not sure when your last backup was made, don’t worry—restoring an iPhone from a backup doesn’t actually erase anything on your phone, so as long as it’s a recent backup there shouldn’t be any issues.

Disadvantages of iPhone Apps Keep Crashing

Experiencing persistent app crashes on your iPhone can be quite frustrating and come with several disadvantages, including:

  1. User Frustration: App crashes can lead to user frustration, as they interrupt the seamless use of your iPhone. Users may become annoyed, especially if the crashing occurs frequently.
  2. Loss of Productivity: If essential apps, like email or productivity tools, crash, it can disrupt your workflow and lead to a loss of productivity.
  3. Data Loss: Sudden app crashes can result in unsaved data or lost progress in games, which can be particularly frustrating and time-consuming to recover.
  4. Battery Drain: App crashes can consume more battery power than usual, as they may cause your device to restart or consume extra resources when relaunching.
  5. Security Concerns: Some app crashes may be related to underlying security issues. If an app crashes due to a security vulnerability, it could potentially expose your data to security threats.
  6. App Compatibility Issues: App crashes can sometimes indicate compatibility issues between the app and your iPhone’s operating system. This may require app updates or an iOS update to resolve.
  7. App Unresponsiveness: An app crash may lead to an app becoming temporarily unresponsive, causing further inconvenience.
  8. Inconvenience: Frequent app crashes can lead to a considerable inconvenience, as users must continually restart or reinstall the app to make it work correctly.
  9. Negative User Experience: App crashes can create a negative user experience, potentially leading users to uninstall the app or leave negative reviews, which can be detrimental to the app’s reputation.
  10. Time Consumption: Troubleshooting app crashes and finding solutions can consume significant time, impacting the overall user experience.
  11. Data Usage: If an app crashes and you need to reinstall it or download updates frequently, it can lead to increased data usage, which could be costly if you have limited data plans.
  12. Impact on Gaming: Gamers may face severe consequences when gaming apps crash, such as losing in-game progress, virtual items, or even rankings in online games.
  13. Customer Support: Dealing with app crashes may require reaching out to customer support, which can be a time-consuming process, especially if the issue remains unresolved.
  14. Limited Functionality: App crashes can render certain features or functionalities within apps unusable until the issue is resolved, limiting the full potential of the app.
  15. Device Wear and Tear: Frequent app crashes and restarts can contribute to wear and tear on your iPhone, potentially shortening its lifespan.

To mitigate these disadvantages, it’s essential to keep your apps and iOS up to date, ensure app compatibility, and follow troubleshooting steps if you encounter app crashes on your iPhone.

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