June 14, 2024

How To Fix Ps4 Error Su-42481-9 While Installing Update 7.02

Ps4 error su-42481-9 occurs on the ps4 while the users start downloading or installing the current updates for the console. But most of the user’s complaints about such errors began to be received back from the mid of the year 2018. However, its appearances are visible in the year 2020.

What is ps4 error su-42481-9?

Playstation 4 officially acknowledged some kind of error message from their official Twitter accounts and they even responded with some of the important advice that doesn’t mean to work properly. But don’t panic at all we are here to help you regarding the solutions which will help you to solve your errors.

What is ps4 error su-42481-9

What are the causes for ps4 error su-42481-9?

Most of the users reported the ps4 error su-42481-9 while they were playing the game when the players started connecting to the PSN network or tried to update the system software. There are some important culprits which could give rise to these problems:

1. Corrupted Temporary Files:

Most of the time there are cases such as where ps4 has some corrupted temporary files which prevent it from upgrading them properly.

2. Incorrect Update of Files:

These files needed to be intended and installed via the current update. As it may be corrupted and may not be installed correctly in your device.

Try these fixes:

To avoid such issues the users can make use of the following fixes given below:

1. You can console hardware restart option

Most of the time, small errors appear on the Japanese console which interfaces with its basic state operation. Due to such types of errors, for example, a proper system upgrade or an internet connection to the PS4 might be interrupted.

These types of errors such as ps4 error su-42481-9 could just be one of these most famous errors. Most of the time it is enough to perform a hardware test of your console and then it’s all about the hat! To perform these steps such as restart you can follow the steps given below:

1) First of all turn off the ps4 game completely.

turn off the ps4 game

2) Then you can disconnect the power cable from it.

3) After that hold the power button from the front of the console and then you need to hold it for 30 seconds.

4) And you can wait for the next 5 minutes again and then plug in everything right back in and then turn on the ps4 game again.

Check whether the error is resolved or not. If still not you can try to update it again by another method.

2. Users have to update it via safe mode

If the above hardware reset does not help you to resolve your error, then the user can try to upgrade the ps4 game via the safe mode option. However, for such things, the user will need to have a computer (windows/mac), and also get himself a null or empty USB drive.

Ps4 update it via safe mode

And don’t have to worry about it and the process is quite simple and easy. We will help you to resolve these issues by using the following steps:

1) First of all the users need to create the folder known as ps4 on the USB stick.

2) And then you have to create a folder known as an update in the ps4 folder.

3) At last the user has to download the update file for the ps4 from this page.

Note: Make sure the user has to download it from the downloading section named “Downloading the update file for ps4”.

1) Users have to put the downloaded PS4UPDATE.PUP in the update folder.


2) Then the users have to connect the controller to the ps4 via cable and then the user needs to insert the updated USB storage.

3) The users have to hold the power button from the front panel of the ps4 game and release it. As soon as you hear the beep sound, note that you are in safe mode.

4) Using the controller option, you have to select the update system software option.

5) At last you have to select the update from a USB drive and then click OK.


After completion of this process, you have to check whether the error is resolved or not. Please note that it will take some time to update the console and will begin to run immediately if the user has done and everything correctly. And you have to wait for it. We hope the ps4 error su-42481-9 will occur on your ps4.

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