June 14, 2024

What Is Hxtsr.exe? 5 Easy Ways to See if It’s Safe

Hxstr.exe is on the user’s computer and Microsoft’s outlook used to establish and maintain the connection between the Outlook from the windows store. In a hidden Windows Apps subfolder of “C:\Program Files” HxTsr is a part of outlook apps.

Antivirus programs identify the file as a virus as it seems to be a virus which exists under the exact name which makes the location a difficult way to distinguish it but there is the exception of windows defender.

There are many more solutions available to fix this hxtsr.exe error, several tools are also available to fix the error but the good one as it is more controlled and secure that which doesn’t allow a third-party application to involve and which is solved by troubleshooting or using different tips.

Hxtsr.exe is a Communicator of Microsoft Outlook. This is used to connect to provide email access to Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Servers Microsoft’s most popular email application is Outlook which comes as part of Microsoft Office. Microsoft’s Office 365 or Outlook.com email services are not likely to work properly without hxtsr.exe.

What Is Hxtsr.exe

For Windows operating systems and stands for Microsoft, Outlook Communications is mediate by Hxtsr.exe is an executable file connected to the Microsoft Office applications. To develop the connection between Outlook on the user’s computer and Microsoft servers is the purpose of the file. This can be often raised as a false positive by anti-malware software or firewall because Hxtsr.exe operation invades path-based recognition rules.

The important tool that detects Hxtsr.exe as a suspicious file is Norton Security antivirus software as per users’ reports.  But there is not at all to worry about because it is highly unlikely that the executable has something to do with a malware infection in many cases. But still, Hxtsr.exe causes high CPU usage is the claims on the Internet. Users can reinstall Microsoft Office or make sure that all updates are downloaded and installed in these cases.

In Outlook and MS Office applications uses Hxtsr.exe is an authorised process. it is not that much important part of the Windows system but Hxtsr.exe removal can be performed because certain features of the mentioned applications might not work according to process. If malware has nothing to do with it you can leave the file running.


If we are talking about malware, there are many users claimed that Hxtsr.exe was intercepting their bandwidth and was pushing out a lot of information to the specified IP address. this process looked suspicious, it was unauthorised as Outlook is trying to connect to Microsoft’s Outlook.com or Outlook.office365.com. That’s why it is one more reason to scan your computer with reputable anti-malware software to make sure that no viruses are involved.

There are many symptoms like Hxtsr.exe is not located in the subfolder of C:\Program Files or the computer works slowly, Applications crash or/and lag even Frequent error messages pop-up if the CPU usage is higher than usual Users.


Because many security programs are raising the file as malicious, multiple users rushed forums of the security software used to find out what is going on, and why is the file is detected.

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High Disk Usage on hxtsr.exe

The problem which is usually faced by the user is high disk usage. This can be occurred due to the background usage of Microsoft Office or Outlook service. Sometimes it increases the disk usage on an SSD drive, the reason is that sometimes there is an official process working in the background. There are many ways to solve this problem like to open the Mail application for some time or Refresh them and close then check the resource monitor. This way you can alter the problem. The second way to fix the problem is to uninstall the Microsoft Office and then optimise the whole hard disk and then reinstall the Microsoft office then disk usage will surely decrease. For that you have to follow few steps they are as follows:

  1. First, click Windows key + I and then open Update and Security.
  2. After that press Check for Updates button.
  3. Then Windows will automatically show you the updates and the time needed for that if you wait for some time.
  4. Now restart the system to take the effect.
  5. Then click to control panel and click uninstall programs.
  6. Right, click on Microsoft Office to uninstall it.
  7. Then run a full system scan with antivirus, if there is none available the use windows defender.
  8. Now Turn off the sync options in the mail app.
  9. Like this, you can fix the problem.

Hxtsr.exe application error

During computer start-up, application start-up or while users try to initiate specific functions like file printing, HxTsr.exe errors commonly occur.

Hxtsr.exe application error, Hxtsr.exe isn’t a valid Windows 32 application, Hxtsr.exe encountered a problem and needs to shut down are also common errors that you are likely to encounter.

When Hxtsr.exe is running or installing a program, during shutdown or start-up the error can be encountered at any point. Always tab on when the error occurs because this information will help you to solve the issue and find the solution.

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