April 13, 2024
how to boost wifi signal with aluminum foil

How To Boost Wifi Signal with Aluminum Foil?

Guys, are you struggling from receiving full range signals from Wifi? Finally, I have found a solution to boost wifi full range signal with the help of aluminum foil and now I am going to share this technique in this article. If you placed your wifi at the wrong place then it will lead to a low range signal of wifi, So now it’s time to fix this issue with some DIY methods. Here we are going to discuss fixing this issue with the help of aluminum foil which is very easy and simple.

How to boost wifi signal with aluminum foil

Yes! It’s true, you can seriously boost the wifi signal with the help of aluminum foil. For doing this you have to follow some steps which are as follows- 

Note- we cannot be sure about this trick will work for you or not but it seriously helped me to boost my wifi signals.

Researchers had proved that aluminum foil boosts wifi signals. 

Following are some of the list which you need for doing this DIY.


  1. Aluminum foil
  2. A box ( same as the size of your wifi router)
  3. Scissors

How to boost the wifi signal with aluminum foil? 

  1. The first thing you have to do is select a box that is of the same size as your wifi router or also you can use the box of the router.
  2. Now, go to the kitchen and take the aluminum foil.

              Note– if you don’t have aluminum foil, you can also use a tin can.

    3.  Attach the aluminum foil in curve form; it’s not necessary to stick exactly to the sides of the box.

   4.  If you don’t have any box then you can simply wrap aluminum foil around the antenna which will also work very well.

   5. That is all you have to do for experiencing the full range of wifi signals with the help of aluminum foil.

There are also some video tutorials available on the internet to boost wifi signals with the help of aluminum foil. 

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Video Guide –


I used this trick to boost the wifi signal with the help of aluminum foil and seriously it works fine. I would always like to recommend this trick to everyone to get a full-range wifi signal. This trick is practical as well as impractical to boost wifi signals.

I think that, if you have enough funds to spend on buying a wifi extender then it is a quite simple method for a quick fix this problem. But if you don’t have enough funds to buy this wifi extender then you can use this quick method of using aluminum foil for boosting your wifi signal and also this trick does not cost as much as a wifi extender.

There is also another solution to fix this problem is, you just need to change the location of your router because the location of location may be crucial. By doing this you may get good wifi signals as compared to the previous location.

If you are getting any problem then you can ask me about this DIY trick in the comment section and also you can tell me any other trick if you know other than this one to boost your wifi signals. I would love to add it along with your name. I really hope that I was able to fix this problem of boosting wifi signals with the help of aluminum foil and you guys implement this DIY trick at your home for fixing this issue of weak wifi signals. Do share this trick who is suffering from weak wifi signals. So overall this is a very simple and easy process to boost wifi signals by using aluminum foil. 

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