June 22, 2024
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Why You Should Include Instagram Marketing In Your Business Growth Strategy

Instagram marketing has taken over all other digital marketing platforms. With more than one billion active monthly users, it provides a tremendous growth opportunity to brands for marketing their business.

The amount of time people are spending browsing on the platform due to the quarantine has sky-rocketed, encouraging brands and content creators to create more and more content for their audiences. Although Instagram marketing is not a cakewalk, gaining popularity can be tricky and challenging. However, with the right strategies, you can win the battle.

Instagram is the right platform for your brand if your target market is the youth. The platform’s 90% audience is under 35 years of age. If you are a youth-centric brand without a plan to market on Instagram, you are losing out on an inexpensive marketing method.

Whether your style is influencer marketing or advertising, Instagram supports it all. However, the success of your marketing strategy is heavily dependant on your understanding of the platform as well as your audience. The best strategy for Instagram lies in the engagement and not the number of followers.

Instagram Marketing Tips to Build Your Brand and Gain Fans

When you chase the number of followers, you are simply acquiring more and more users who might be interested in your content, not the brand. However, if you chase engagement, you are making sure you leave an impression on your audience. Higher engagement would mean that your followers understand your brand and get value out of your marketing efforts.

Let us now look at some reasons why Instagram marketing is important for your business’s growth –


Social media lets you connect with your target audience by showcasing your brand’s true identity to people all across the globe. Your social media channels are just an added opportunity for your brand to voice its content, and interact with users in real-time.

It is noticed that when a new customer stumbles upon the Instagram feed of a brand – if they are an avid Instagram user, they are more likely to become a repeat purchaser if your online brand presence becomes more consistent and recognizable.


A great way to reach out to a newer audience is through hashtags. Most brands create one or two unique hashtags for their brands but mostly rely on using common hashtags. However, it should be noted that niche hashtags work better.

Customer Loyalty

Lately, brands have increasingly been emphasizing customer experience because it not only impacts brand reputation but with digitalization, connecting with customers in real-time has become extremely easy.

It has been observed that brands that engage on social media channels receive higher loyalty from their customers. Individuals do not like their feed to be cluttered with brand products. However, if they follow a brand through their social media profiles, it is highly likely that they are doing so to engage with the brand and our loyal customers.

Better Conversion Rate

Reports suggest that 63% of consumers who search for businesses online are more likely to become consumers of the brands with an established social media presence. This further emphasizes the importance of having higher engagement rates.

The more people engage with your brand, the more likely they are to consume your product or service. As mentioned above, most marketers fail to understand the importance of engaging with their consumers and fail to include engagement as a part of their social media strategy.

instagram better conversion rate

Another common mistake marketers make is that they undermine the power of captions. Just like the creative aspects, captions are a great tool to engage with the audience.

Customer Insights

Social media allows you and your brand to gain valuable insights into your customers’ interests and habits. Reviews and comments left by the customers on your Instagram page are a way to understand what people think of your business. It is also a great tool to gain new and creative ideas.

Loyal customers often provide solutions to brands for the problems they encounter. Apart from that, by looking at the engagement rates on each social media post, you can easily estimate what your viewers want to see and what they do not want to see.

Customer Insights 

Instagram also allows you to track conversions through your purchase or lead ads to find out what type of audience benefits the best from your product or service. However, we will discuss the Instagram ads below.

Customer Service

Social media channels like Instagram have made it extremely easy for brands to capture the entire journey of a customer. Service forms an integral part of this journey. Earlier, brands got involved to solely solve issues raised by their customer. However, Instagram allows brands to be proactive in resolving issues.

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Instagram Advertising

We have established that Instagram is an essential platform for growing a business and enhancing leads for sales through effective strategies. There are numerous benefits of advertising on Instagram too. It is as important as local advertising and search engine optimization as it can introduce your brand to a gigantic audience.

Instagram ads allow you to reach out to newer audiences and do not restrict your leads to people who are familiar with your brand or people who find you by searching for keywords.

Instagram Advertising

Furthermore, Instagram ads allow brands to specifically target groups based on their demographics, interests of users, consumer behavior, and location. However, it should be noted that Instagram advertising is a long-term approach. Therefore, you will not be reaping its benefits overnight.


It is needless to say that social media marketing is essential for all brands. Moreover, with the increasing demand for visual content, Instagram has taken over all the other platforms. The best aspect of Instagram marketing is that it allows brands to showcase their real image while allowing the customers to reach out to the brands at any point in their purchase cycle.

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