July 12, 2024

What Came Off To Litanswers? Litanswers: Get Free Chegg Answers

As a user if you are one of the enthusiastic people who is putting a question to Chegg or focusing on the solutions on the Chegg but not able to pay the cost for it. If you are one of them then litanswers are only made for you people. Litanswers always supply Chegg answers within a couple of seconds. For that all you need to do is go to the search box and then type your queries related to Chegg and then select and click on the submit button option.

What are the litanswers?

For users, litanswers is one of the best sources to get free Chegg solutions. Basically these litanswers were established in the year 2019. And they grow very rapidly within the various Chegg users.

If one of you found it difficult or not able to make use of Chegg due to some reasons then the user can use them to get completely free Chegg solutions or answers very rapidly and easily.

free Chegg solutions

What is the official website for Litanswers?

The official and original site of the litanswers was LitAnswers.org. But due to the DMCA, their original site came down within a year and the owner of the litanswer was not able to keep their website active again on the internet. Therefore there is a fan made site that was hosted on the domain named LitAnswers.net. But the most important issue in that fan made website is that it is not functioning properly.

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What happened to the litanswers?

As earlier mentioned that the original site went down due to the DMCA report. And then the unofficial website was created by some random fan. But most of the people reported that the website which was created by the random fan was not working properly, like you as a user will not get the answers or solutions from that fan made website. For that, the user can either go through the lit answers or use Chegg directly as an alternative.

The users might be aware of the website that is known as Textsheet which is also closed.

Get free Chegg answers from litanswers through an alternative method

Also there are other famous alternatives of the various litanswers to know about Chegg completely free answers or solutions immediately.

We have given below some of the free litanswers.

  • CFS
  • SparkNotes
  • Slader
  • CourseHero
  • And some others.


LitAnswers was probably the best help that empowered clients to see Chegg replies. Yet, since the site is at this point not functional, a few LitAnswers choices exist.

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