June 15, 2024

Reasons Why Startups Need To Hire React Developers

With the evolution in the web and app development industry, entrepreneurs have become significantly more aware of using the right technology stack to ensure the development of high-quality products.

Besides using the right technological stack, it also becomes quite crucial to select the right team to make sure that they discharge their duties and meet the desired requirements.

When you have a plethora of programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, how do you decide which works best for you?

According to the research conducted by Statista, more than 40% of developers use React for web development. More than 10 lakh live websites use react for web development.


It’s quite evident that React is considered one of the best programming languages. No wonder the ability to react to perform better and faster has broken records.

When it comes to using React for web and app development, it also becomes crucial to hire the right React developers to ensure high-quality products.

This article will dive into why react js is considered beneficial in web development and why you should hire react developers for your startup.

Why is React considered an integral part of web development?

In 2011, Facebook introduced React for building web applications.

The most recent version is ReactJS 17.0.2. It is a front-end development library based on MVC for creating dynamic web page templates with many interactive features.

Businesses can use React to create interactive, user-friendly, and engaging online and mobile apps.

In addition, React is perfect for developing mobile and web applications with an interactive UI.

It allows developers to build robust and high-performing apps. It is well-known for offering appealing and user-friendly business and small business solutions.


Why should you hire React Developers for your startup?

Why should you hire React Developers for your startup?

It becomes quite obvious to get baffled about programming languages when there are ample options to choose from.

React is used in web and app development by many prominent companies, such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, and The New York Times.

Here are some rational reasons to hire React developers for your startup:

1. MVP Launch

An MVP (minimum viable product) is the way to go when you need to get your project up and running quickly. It’s best to add peculiar features to the product before launching it into the market.

With the help of React JS, you can easily launch MVP without compromising on the user experience and performance.

React is popularly known for its scalability and modularity. In fact, you can create single-page applications with optimum utilization of resources.

2. Better Performance

Generally, every company specifies its app structure before developing an app. It’s done to ensure that apps get developed with the utmost performance. When some changes have to be made, DOM is used. However, with DOM tad changes can also result in creating a significant impact on the app’s performance and interface.

It hampered the performance of the app. As a result, virtual DOM was introduced to address it. The DOM allows developers to make changes without compromising the app’s or user interface’s performance.

This results in a better user experience as the changes don’t have any impact on the app’s performance.

React is quite easy to update and maintain, which can eventually result in saving time and resources on both the server-side and the client-side.

3. Enhanced User Interface

Who wouldn’t want an effective user interface in the application? A poorly designed user interface is just a mere waste of time and effort as it won’t pay you off.

With React, you can easily create effective and robust applications with a rich user interface, which can result in an enhanced user experience. The better the user experience, the higher the chances of success of the application.

4. Enhanced Code Stability

React is renowned for its unidirectional data flow. The unidirectional data flow ensures that any minor or major changes in the child structure don’t affect the parent structure.

Whenever a developer is modifying or making any changes in the application, the changes are reflected in the result as a few components get updated.

Also, the unidirectional data flow results in high code stability and an enhancement in in-app performance. Who doesn’t want it?

5. Active community support

The ReactJS community is very active. Many engineers work every day to respond to the market’s best front-end app development framework.

ReactJS has 182K stars and 37.2K followers on Github, with over 1539 contributors. You can also find ample blogs, articles, tutorials, and documents for assistance.

In fact, if you bump into any issue while dealing with React, you can take the assistance and guidance of React’s active community support by raising the queries on platforms such as Stackoverflow, Quora, and many more.

It also helps in saving time and results in a speedy development process as you don’t have to invest time in searching for it. You can get in touch with the community.

6. Cost-effective

The technology stack you select for software product development has a direct impact on development and maintenance costs.

Besides development costs, it is best to consider maintenance and upgrade costs. As a result, open-source technologies are preferable because they are less expensive and easier to update.

In addition, React consumes less time than other libraries to develop an application.

What factors should you consider when hiring React Developers?

1. Technical skills

Whenever you hire any React developers, make sure you hire developers with relevant technical skills and expertise to ensure the higher performance of the application.

2. Expertise in JavaScript and ECMA Scripts

The React developers you hire should have expertise in Javascript such as ReactJS, NextJS, Vue.JS and ECMAscript. They should be well-versed with Es6 syntax, Javascript features, functions, and DOM manipulation. The more knowledge, and expertise, the higher the chances of building a high-performance, reactive application.

3. Basic knowledge of testing tools and frameworks

The developers should also have adequate knowledge of different tools and frameworks such as Chai, Tape, Jest, Sinon, Cucumber JS, Nightwatch JS, Selenium, Webdriver work, and Cypress.

4. Practical Experience with Version Control

Make sure you hire developers who have in-depth knowledge and great exposure to VCS such as Firebase, TFS, SVN, Mercurial, and Git. Developers who are well-versed in this can easily assess current code with old codes, which increases the chances of minimal errors.

5. Control React Workflows

Skilled and expert developers can easily manage and handle projects and prioritize state management. Their portfolio should speak about app performance optimization jobs. Besides, they should also be aware of the structure of state management and popular libraries such as React Native, Axios, Redux, Content API, MobX, and React hooks.


Most startups want to keep the cost of application development as low as possible. In addition to increasing your customer base, you want your app to have an easy and engaging user interface.

Furthermore, managing two different iOS and Android developer apps may put a strain on the budget. As a result, hiring a ReactJS developer is an excellent option for startups, as it offers numerous advantages for developing a single codebase application.

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