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stardew valley favorite thing

Stardew Valley Best Favorite Thing – What Does It Do?

Stardew valley favourite thing is such a stunning and magical gaming experience that allows you to discover everything for yourself, but still, there are a few tips and tricks that help you to get started.

For the new players, In the Stardew valley game, you need to play an independent role, in which you receive a grandfather’s farm (and all the adventure activities will arise from that farm.) This game is very successful for the Harvest moon RPG farming game franchise. Playing Stardew Valley is a very enjoyable experience. But for the new players, there are little help and some tip list like this one.

The following are the tips and tricks to fulfil these three things:-

  1. First one, we want to help new players with some basic tips.
  2. The second one, we don’t spoil the story of the game, we try to help you with the spoiler freeway because the game has a wonderful story.
  3. The last one, The new player need to answer some questions about the game. We keep new players away from the spoiler-filled Stardew valley wiki. We offer you to search for a simple answer about in-game concepts, the process of it, characters and undiscovered areas, and many more.

With this mindset, we try to help new players with a spoiler freeway. There are too many stardew valley favorite things will come. We keep least revealing suggestions at the top and you stop reading an article at any point you feel the risk of a little bit of your magic.

Don’t rush: It’s a soothing single player we promise

This is the very first and very useful tip for playing the entire game. The Stardew valley is a very relaxing game and it’s a well-balanced game. According to the condition of the game, you can be the industrious farmer in a Stardew valley or you can keep your farm running so you can explore the game.

Don't rush: It's a soothing single player we promise

You are the only person who is setting the pace of the game no matter how you play. So don’t get stressed out just take a deep breath and relax. There are no setbacks in the game you can’t recover from.

Friendship is magic: Be kind to creatures big and small

The main fundamental of Stardew valley is friendship and kindness. If you are kind to all the small and big creatures then you will get rewarded. But you need to be kind to everyone and everything which will come in contact with you except the one that wants to eat you, go ahead and punch them in the face.

Friendship is Magic: Be Kind to Creatures Big and Small

In Stardew valley talk to your neighbours and bring some good things from your farm, take care of what they like or dislike. If you make your neighbours your friend then they share their lives with you. Even animals also respond to your kindness like cows give you more milk and better milk.

Hoeing with precision: Turn Hit Location on Immediately

The new player always gets confused about the hit location mechanism of the game. The Stardew valley game is a 2D game and placing objects planting crops happens on an invisible plan box. It depends on the orientation of your screen the tool you are using and the grid interacts, the effect of using your tools can look a little confusing sometimes.

Hoeing with Precision

You can use tools according to your advantage and need. Press the ESC key then the game menu will open and then select the tab with a little controller icon check the “Always show hit location” option, which will help you to put your tools right where you want.

Food Is Life: Eat! Now Eat Some More!

Stardew Valley has an exhaustion meter. You will not exhaust while walking or running. By making some physical activities like swinging tools and weapons makes you tired. You can deal with exhaustion by eating or sleeping. Eating food boosts your energy. Raw food gives you less energy and cooked food gives you more.

Food Is Life: Eat! Now Eat Some More!

Light out at dusk: Sleep is not optional

Food gives you the energy to do all the tasks during the day, But in Stardew valley you need to sleep every night. You wake up at 6 AM at your farmhouse and go to the bed by 2 AM then you will pass out from exhaustion.

If you go to bed before midnight and then the energy bar is fully refilled and if you sleep in between 2 AM you will have less energy. And if you are not asleep by 2 AM then you will pass out wherever you are and your energy is less for the next day.

Lights Out at Dusk: Sleep Is Not Optional

Tip- The game only saves you when you go to the bed each night. If you don’t go to the bed then you will lose all the progress of the day.

Time Marches On: Season Exist In Quarter Time So Plan Accordingly

The Stardew valley has in-game seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter). The in-game seasons are only 28 in-game days long.

In the Stardew game, each season matters because each season has a unique crop to grow and unique fish to catch. If you miss growing crops and catching fish at a particular season then you need to wait for next year.

Stardew valley has in-game seasons

So you need to plan carefully. Stardew Valley rewards you for better planning.

Upgrading Your Tools: Advanced Is Better, but Time its time to get upgrade well

In this game, you are a farmer and you need tools. So if you have better tools then you can work better. you meet a character who can upgrade your tools and you should take advantage.  So up-gradation of tools makes your work better, more efficient. You need to upgrade your resources and you need to upgrade them at a perfect time.

Upgrading Your Tools

Don’t Ignore The Tube: TV Is Educational

In the game, you will have a television in your farmhouse and this television is very useful.

You can watch the weather report, horoscope, or cooking channel. This channel will respectively tell you the weather forecast for the next day, your luck in the game, and the different cooking recipes.

Don’t Ignore The Tube: TV Is Educational

Rain Come Again: Storm Are Your Best Friend

Rain is my best friend. In the beginning, you need to farm to earn money and resources, so watering at the beginning level can be exhausting and time-consuming. If you overwater your plant they will not grow properly so rain makes you free from all the farming responsibilities.

Rain, Rain, Come Again: Storms Are Your New Best Friend

Use The Box: The Mayor Is a Saint

In Stardew valley the mayor stops you to introduce himself. He tells you many things besides that he will tell you that he can sell your saleable objects, just you have to place them in the wood bin outside the farmhouse. The mayor will collect the objects and sell them at midnight and he will give you money the next morning. If you want money urgently then you have to sell your objects in the store by yourself.

Use the Box: The Mayor Is a Saint

On the Subject of Building: Silos First, Space is Fixed, and Everything Is Mobile

The town’s carpenter will build a farm building for you. At first, you can’t afford building because it’s too expensive. but buying it is worth it as soon as you can afford it.

In Stardew valley the town’s carpenter can build an additional farmhouse for you. But all these buildings are too expensive. But these buildings are worth buying when you can afford their price that is the silo.

On the Subject of Building: Silos First, Space is Fixed, and Everything Is Mobile

When you cut the wild grass from your farm and if you don’t have a silo it goes waste. You can store the wild grass for later days in the building. If you think your building is in the wrong place then you can change the position of the building and you can change it without getting penalties.

Fishing Is *#$!ing Frustrating: Stick With It!

In Stardew valley fishing is a polarizing thing. It’s like a mini-game in Stardew valley. Here are a few encouraging tips for fishing in the game. When you hook a fish, the fish moves up and down on a fishing meter.

Fishing Is *#$!ing Frustrating: Stick With It!

The goal of fishing is to keep the fish inside the “Catch Bar”(this indicates red, green, and yellow). The catch bar is small and the fish moves fast so there are more chances to lose fish. So fishing in Stardew valley is more frustrating. But besides that, it gives you more benefits and in-game rewards and there are in-game opportunities to show off your fishing skills and you can win prizes.

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