June 14, 2024
Google Review widget

Best tools to Embed Google Review Widget on Squarespace Website

Google Reviews certainly stands as one of the best review platforms on the internet. But, we aren’t making this claim just like that. There are ample stats currently available online that play evidence for our claim. It helps consumers to make their purchase decisions, and at the same time, helps businesses to establish themselves and build their credibility.

It won’t be wrong to say that Google reviews have emerged as a business marketing tool. Similarly, another big help to the businesses is provided by Squarespace. It eases the website building task by providing some easy solutions for it. And in order to extract more benefits from both platforms, businesses are actively opting to embed Google Review widget on Squarespace website.

Google Review widget

What is the Google Review widget?

Google review widget is an amazing tool, and it works as a functional block on a website that enables it to showcase Google reviews without any hassle. Moreover, as it displays the content from the source, it does not affect the website speed, providing a hassle-free browsing experience to visitors.

The strategy to embed Google review widget on the website is turning out to be effective and result-oriented. It helps businesses prove their credibility to their consumers and eventually win the trust of their potential customers. Another aspect of this strategy is that it holds the consumers on the website and assists them in making their purchase decision. More time consumers spend on the website will be better for businesses and it can instill interest in the minds of the visitors.

There are many other benefits affiliated with this strategy that can help a business to grow. And to enjoy those benefits, you need to have a Google review widget on Squarespace website. So, for your relevance, we have filtered the best available tools in the market. So without any further ado, let’s discuss them.

Tools that enables to embed Google review widget on Squarespace website

Various tools are readily available in the market that eases your embedding work, but for your ease, we filtered some of the best. We filtered them based on their usage, features, and compatibility with the Squarespace website. And these were tools that stand tall as per our analysis.


Tagembed is one of the well-renowned social media aggregator tools. It is quite popular in the market because of its user-friendly interface, significant features, and affordable pricing plans. It helps you to collect social feeds from desired social media platforms. It enables you to curate and customize them before displaying them on the website. In addition, it offers a dedicated Google review widget that you can add to your Squarespace website and showcase Google reviews on the website without any hassle.

The tool eases the embedding process and provides various features that add great value to this tool. It provides the customization feature to personalize your widget as per your need. It also provides you with the moderation feature that allows you to remove the reviews from the website that you think might mislead your visitors. For example, consumers often put the name of some other brands or products while writing a review of a certain brand, and you can even remove those types of reviews and keep the review widget related to your brand only.

The tool also provides various themes and layouts as options, so you can choose the one that presents your website more organized and visually appealing. Alongside these useful features, the tool provides other functional features like a custom CTA , custom CSS, and more that add great relevance to this strategy.

Reviews On Website

Reviews On Website

Reviews On website is another amazing tool that provides you with a dedicated Google review widget. You can embed this widget on your Squarespace website by following a few simple steps; The tools ease your talk to collect, curate and display Google reviews and assist you in winning the trust of your consumers.

The tool also allows you to pick your style for the widget. That means you can personalize the widget as per your choice and showcase your artistic side. All these measures help to improve the beauty of the website and create an everlasting impression. So style with functionality, what else can you ask for, right?

Review Widget

As the name suggests, the Review widget focuses on providing a review widget for the website. It allows you to integrate with Google review and helps you to embed Google review widget on Squarespace website.

You can choose from various modern and appealing widget designs and create a beautiful-looking widget that attracts visitors’ attention. Or else, what will be the point of adding a widget if your visitors can’t see it.

Summing It Up

In this stiff competition scenario, the business needs to prove its reliability. Collecting reviews is important for that purpose, and so is showcasing them. By opting to embed Google review widget on Sqaurespace website, you can easily fulfill reviews’ purpose. The tools mentioned above are the best in the market, and you can find them with ease. So what are you waiting for? Try them now and build trust for your business.

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