July 14, 2024
minecraft launcher won't open

How To Resolve Minecraft Launcher Won’t Open

Most of the time it is really displeased when you wish to entertain yourself by playing mine craft Launcher but it won’t open! Don’t panic at all, we have given some fixes below to fix such errors and the players can enjoy the game. Sometimes it may happen that such errors are occurred due to your PC not being strong enough to run such heavy games. It may be a possible issue for giving such an error minecraft launcher won’t open. To resolve errors such as minecraft launcher won’t open you have to check for the system requirements at the first.

Try the fixes given below:

Below given are some fixes to resolve the issues such as minecraft launcher won’t open. As you may not have to use or try these all, you can just work according to your way until you find the best fix that suits your device.

  1. Quit your minecraft procedure
  2. Always run Minecraft via administrator account
  3. Always try to use Compatibility mode
  4. Eliminate mods
  5. Try to upgrade the video card driver
  6. Reinstall the Launcher

     1. Quit your minecraft procedure

Sometimes it may happen that the launcher closes but the games such as minecraft do not get started after choosing the play key. To overcome such errors you can choose and start the task manager to quit the task manually. Restarting the game may help to fix the minecraft launcher won’t open issues.

Some players have mentioned that mostly when such error persists there will be two types of minecraftlauncher.exe. At that time the user has to quit both tasks at a time and restart the game again.

Let’s have a look:

  • Click the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously from your keyboard to start the task manager.
  • From the Processes option, choose and right click on the minecraft option and select the end task.
  • After that start minecraft launcher again to check whether the game is working properly or not.

After fixing the error if you get two minecraftlauncher.exe, then the user needs to start the settings from the launcher and select “keep the launcher open while the game is running”. You might have to face two situations at a time.

  • In the first situation, the launcher responds and stays in an open condition and the minecraft launcher works fine.
  • In the second situation, the launcher does not respond. The user has to shut it down and the launcher would run as usual in its original state.

Quit your minecraft procedure

If the user expects to boost your PC performance and a better gaming experience, then it is highly recommended to update your device drivers.

     2. Always run minecraft via administrator account

The Prerogative error might be the reason for this issue. With high resolution and integrity access, the game mine craft is using its full features and so it can easily run via administrator account to see whether it fixes the error or not.

To change it as administrator:

  • Choose and right-click on the minecraft launcher and select run as administrator.
  • After that click ok.

minecraft launcher and select run as administrator.

Minecraft Launcher opens and then check whether it is working or not. If not try another fix given below.

     3. Always try to use compatibility mode

The earlier versions of the game will work fine in the earlier versions of windows as well as the recent versions of the windows such as windows 10. But sometimes some may not run properly or not open at all. The compatibility mode gives access to the game from the previous versions of Windows, which helps in resolving issues like minecraft launcher won’t open.

  1. Choose and right-click on the minecraft and then select the Properties option.
  2. After that choose the compatibility option and tick mark, yes to run this program in compatibility mode.
  3. From the drop-down menu select the operating system option.
  4. Then choose Apply and then select ok.

After the above procedure check whether the minecraft launcher works properly or not. If not then try another fix.

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     4. Eliminate mods

In the minecraft game, different mods are available and it is very normal to use mods while playing the game. Many times mods modify the behavior of your game and may occur many issues. So it is the best practice, which removes all the mods while playing the game you have installed. After removing mods, your game works fine, then the error was caused by some mods. The user can check mods one by one to check which are raising the errors. If still not working try another fix given below.

     5. Try to upgrade the video card driver

The errors such as minecraft launcher won’t open are most probably occurred by the graphics card drivers. Sometimes it may happen that the user is using a wrong or corrupt driver that is out of date, you may face such issues. There are two ways to update your drivers such as manually and automatically.

     6. Reinstall the Launcher

If you are confused about what’s the problem, reinstalling the launcher is the best idea. This method is very common and very useful for many users. You can do it as given:

  1. Open the c drive and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ Minecraft.
  2. After that click on uninstall to delete Minecraft.
  3. Then visit the site and download the current version of the game and install it on your computer.

After that check whether the game is working properly or not.

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